Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Shawzae is excited to share with you information that will help you in caring for you raw Indian hair.  This hair is human,  which was cut from a donas head and sold.   This hair has not been chemical treated to avoid tangles and other issues that you normally have with human hair.   When purchasing this hair,  you should know that this hair is maintenance for you the buyer and seller.   The first thing you need to know is to use good products so that way it will take a lot of the work from you.   You should start with a good shampoo,  and conditioner.   The shampoo used with this hair need to be a detangler   or you will need to use a detangler lotion or spray.   The shampoo also  need to be sulfarate free.  You should also comb the hair through with a big tooth comb gently before shampooing the hair to prevent tangles, and shampoo the hair in a downward motion  When combing the hair,  also comb from end to root,  it help to prevent you from pulling the hair out of the lace,  or weft.   Again this is human hair,  so you don't want to damage it with heat or chemical.   Always keep heat low to medium to prevent damaging the hair.   Chemical should be used sparing on this hair to prevent damage.   I hope this will help you to care for your hair and that it last you for years,  

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Shawzae custom wigs are handcrafted by sewing or ventilating them.  Shawzae custom wigs uses wig caps that are stretchable to fit most heads, and allows air to the natural hair.   Each unit is shampooed, conditioned and  style before shipping.   Shawzae custom wigs are created with human hair premium blend or human hair.   Shawzae signature full lace custom wigs are created with raw Indian bulk human hair.  We do have some full lace custom wig that are made with premium human hair blend. All of our lace wigs are made with our signature lace wig caps created by Shawzae.  Shawzae thrive to create custom wigs for all ladies price ranging from $80 to $600.   To order a Shawzae custom wig go to  You can order a customize unit or customize any of the units that are ready for shipping.   You also can order Shawzae custom wigs directly from  our website at   Shawzae will always give you a well crafted wig,  with the best hair in human hair blend and human hair.   We know that hair is important to you therefore it is important to us.  We don't want you to just wear our units for a short time,  our wigs are made for you to wear them for a long time.   Shawzae custom human hair blend wigs will last you three months or more with proper care.  Shawzae custom human hair wigs will last you up to two years or more with proper care.  As a owner  I wear both,  and know how long they last with proper care.  Call us for more information or email us.

Friday, August 4, 2017


I love being in the beauty business, and making custom wigs are my hair haven.  I spent several months learning to ventilate,  so that i would have the skills to make lace wigs, frontal and more. I also had to do extensive research to learn about the human hair.  Through my research,  I learned how the hair was collected,  process, and the weight of the hair, including sourcing of the hair.  I was so amazed at this process,  and the people in India.   This process has also given me a whole understanding and outlook on the hair industry.  The knowledge that I have received  will allow me to create Shawzae Signature Full Lace Wigs.    I am so excited about this,  I am in the process of completing my first lace wig,  which is not raw virgin Indian hair at this time,  because I wanted to make sure that I could complete the task.   Check out my blog and YouTube for future information on this process.   I am waiting for the arrival of my raw Indian hair,  so happy about this journey.  If you are considering learning  to make custom wigs,  contact us at Shawzae Design School.  I will teach you what I have learned.   You will learn to create your own style and make custom wigs that people will love.


Thursday, July 27, 2017


These bars are amazing and they will give your skin a boost.  Coffee wakes us up in the morning and they will do the same for your skin.   There are so many healthy benefits from coffee ,  and these are just a few.  Coffee will help slow down aging on the skin, and prevent wrinkles.  The caffeine in the coffee is what wake up the collagen to give you younger looking skin.   This coffee also smells great, and that alone will start your day.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017


I have been waiting for the right time to make my coffee moisturizing bar.  I haven't made any soaps in a while so this is the perfect time.   Lets talk about the benefits that we will get with this moisturizing bar.  Coffee is loaded  with antioxidants which prevents premature skin aging   Some researchers  even suggest an association between intake of caffeine  which coffee is loaded with  decreases  the risk of cancer.   The benefits of antioxidants  help protect  your hair , it  will prevent breakage, and enhanced the shine.   It will also help  prevent  under eyes puffiness when used under the eye.  Creams and serum containing coffee and serum containing  can temporarily minimize the visibility  of cellulite.    Coffee also wake us up in the morning,  and it do the same for our skin.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017


Lets talk about hair love,  If I was to tell you that everyone in the hair business is in it just for the money,  its not true, because most wig makers just love hair.   Wigs has been in my family for all of my life.  My mother was an advocate wig wearer.   It seem like to me,  she had a wig for every day, she just loved the hair.   My mom had long healthy hair,  so she just loved wigs.   Today, the hair industry is a billion trillion dollar business,  which we all can share.   I love hair, and making custom wigs for pleasure and profit.   I have also learn to ventilate, making lace frontal and wigs which have taken my wig making to another level.   I have also open a school to teach you what I have learned, so that you can move forward in your hair love business.   School registration is at Join me if you are interested in learning how to make custom wigs and ventilation.  I want to share my hair love with you.   Learning to ventilate custom wigs help ladies with cancer and alopecia.   These natural looking wigs will give these ladies the confident to live a whole life,  to give them back heir lives.  

Monday, June 19, 2017


We are so excited when we enter into cosmetology school, and our license ensures that we are on our way to successfully meet our goals, however, this is not the case for many students.   I have met a lot of stylist that are working in different places and other business.  The reason is because a lot of stylist don't know how to do hair,  and the school doesn't teach you that.   The school teaches you the basic which include coloring, cutting,  and curling, and the academic you need to get your license.   In the real world,  you have to know more than the basic to get hired in the upper salons, or even to start your own business and other.    The stylist has to learn to do hair to succeed.  There are two options that a stylist can take to succeed (1 ) Find a salon that will allow you to be an intern so that   you can learn to do hair  (2 )You can take additional courses to learn how to do certain styles that are trending now.  As a stylist,  you may want to learn to braid hair,  or make custom wigs.  As a hair braider,  you may want to learn how to make custom wigs.   You should always put yourself in a position that you can meet today trends,  to meet the consumers demands.   As a license stylist there are so many advantages to succeed, but if you can't do hair then the options are lost.   We offer license and unlicensed student a chance to learn how to do hair.  You will learn to make custom wigs, do sew ins and braid hair at Shawzae  Design School for more information call 954-612-1982 or go to