Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Braiding someone hair is such an easy and awesome thing,  We can create so many wonderful styles and we do, not to mention, the style last for at least two months.  I would not go any longer than
that with braids. We never think to ask ourselves, are we braiding the persons hair safety.  When braiding someone hair,  make sure you don't braid their hair so tight that they actually have a head ache,  or they lose hair from the scalp when taken it out,  or they loose hair around the edges and become bald.   Another thing to help the person that your are braiding hair,  give them tips in keeping their hair maintain after you braids it.  Watch my video when I show you how to braid hair around the edges without pinching too tight,  and being able to braid 24 inch hair without pulling,  so lets keep our people hair safe from damage when braiding.   Don't allow someone to braid your hair that tight because you think it will stay in longer,  because it won't and you need to take the braids out within two month to continue healthy hair. 


Monday, March 17, 2014


I am so excited to bring you this info on scalp psoriasis.   I will not be given a recipe for this treatment,  but I am going to share with you the products that we use that have  been successful, and because this is a genetic disease that you will have to control.  Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease of the skin, it is influenced by genes that are inherited by parents.  Psoriasis is a red scaling papules combine into plaques that classically present  on the elbow, knees, and other parts of the skin,  including the scalp,  because psoriasis  can affect any part of the skin.  The scalp will also produce
excess scale and will itch.  This disease can cause a loss of scalp hair,  which will return if
the disease is controlled.  The symptoms  appears as small bumps, as a papule surrounded by scale. 
This scale appears as dandruff.  Scratching this plaques is not a good idea.   The best way to treat this is to use medication that will get into the skin of the scalp.   Both the scalp and hair need to be treated.  The first thing you need to do is to remove the scale,  by washing the hair.   In this treatment we use goat milk,  I use real goat milk mixed with tar.  The clients sit under a cap for 20 minutes
without rinsing the goat milk mixed with tar,  after 20 minutes  comb through gently removing the scale,  if the scale are thick repeat.  After you have removed the scale gently comb through the hair parting the hair rubbing shea butter to the scalp, make sure you get the whole scalp,  sit under a
clean cap for about 5 more minutes,  then add macadamia oil to the scalp and hair,  then blow dry.  I know you may wonder why these product, so let me tell you.  Goat milk is good for dry hair and dandruff condition, it softens and smoothest out nicks or scratches across the hair strand,  it also makes your scalp healthier and less prone to dryness.  Tar is great for the scalp especially if you have itching scalp.  They sell tar shampoo for psoriasis,  or you can add tar to your shampoo.  Shea butter is another products that is great for the skin,  it make you scalp healthier,  and help to moisten your scalp to keep it from getting dry.  Macadamia is great for the hair as well,  it's heavy enough to hold the moisture in your hair keeping it from getting dry,  so these are the things we have tried that works, and there are other products you can use,  but the most important thing is to get diagnose by seeking a herbalist or other healthcare professional.


Saturday, March 15, 2014


As a herbalist I work with natural products, and get the benefits of nature.  We like the idea of using natural products on our clients hair and our own.    We are all about promoting healthy hair,  one
of the things that we are doing as a herbalist is creating treatment that will work for our clients.
We want to prevent hair loss,  and other hair disorders.  Having a  hair disorder can be devastating to anyone that is going through it,  and one of the things we do that traditional stylist don't is to
diagnose the head/hair disorder. We also recommend other healthcare specialist to our clients with certain disorders.   In some of our other blogs we will share some of the treatments
that we use.   I have shared some of our natural products in our blogs so that you can have
healthy hair.   Remember when you have a hair disorder,  you need more than natural products, because hair disorder is different from regular hair issues. Regular hair  issues could lead to other symptom for a hair disorder.  Natural products will help you to get healthy hair.   In our next blog we will share with you how to determine scalp psoriasis, and how we use goat milk to treat this hair disorder.  Goat milk is very popular aid in hair disorder treatment.


Thursday, March 13, 2014


Flexi Rods are taking over especially with the ladies that have gone natural, however, flexi rods are great for all texture hair.  Flexi rod are so great for so many reasons, you will love the curls that these rods give, and  it really look great in the ladies hair.   The style in which they wear the flexi rods are natural,  and it last for a while therefore  no flat iron, or curling iron to the hair for a while, which is great for your hair.   When you are using flexi rods,  you will just oil your hair and go,  wow, what a great style.  Flexi rods are really making a great impression,  I love them.

   Love it.

Monday, March 10, 2014


I have been asked that question a time or two,  and my answer is absolutely yes.  I have researched and looked at a lot of  videos where some ladies apply as much as six different products on there hair. I simply say to myself that's a lot of stuff and who has the time to apply all that stuff to their hair.  For some ladies this may be a weekly regime, but is it too many and too much product for your hair
at one time, so my answer is still yes.   My thoughts are,  you don't want to stigmatize your hair or scalp,  because your scalp need to breath and so do the follicles of your hair shaft.   You could also be using so many products that they counteract each other and may not be helping your scalp or hair.  I believe that you should find one product or maybe two products for your hair that will accomplish what it is that you want to do with your hair.   Two many products can also make your hair feel heavy,  which will cause headaches, and more.   It has also came to light that a lot of the products on the market today are stripping your hair of its oils,  so when you are buying and using a lot of products on your hair, think of rather the products is going to help,  if it's good for your hair,  and how much you should use on the hair.   I hope this will help you in finding the right products for your hair and that you will not have to use but maybe or two at the most to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014


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I am definitely a fan of rosemary for the hair.  Rosemary offers you so many wonderful benefits.
Rosemary stimulate growth, increase shine,, fights premature gray, and relieves you of dandruff,  wow,  that's some good stuff.   Some ladies leave the rosemary in their hair and some infuse their hair then rinse it,  if you allow rosemary to infuse your hair keep the cap on for at least 5- 10 minutes before rinsing it out.  Rosemary rinse will work either way,  and the oil you definitely leave in. There are also a few different ways to make your rinse and oil.   Some ladies boil the water and pour it over
the dry herb, and let it sit for a few hours before use.   I actually do a tenture and let it sit for 3- 4 weeks.  This product is so non expensive, and easy easy to make, and give you such huge

Here how to make a rosemary rinse and oil.

Get two jars of, one  4 oz jar and the other 2 oz jar.   You can use also whatever size you want.  

1. Fill your 4 oz jar half of rosemary dry herbs
2.  Fill the jar with water up to the top.
3. Shake, and place in a window.
4.  Shake each day until you are ready to strain.

Rosemary oil

1. Fill your 2 oz jar with dry rosemary herbs.
2.  Fill with your favorite hair oil,  mines is olive oil for this purpose.
3.   Cover the dry herbs with about an 1/2 inch from the top
4.  Shake and place in a window seal for 2-3 weeks.  You can also chop up the dry
herbs for that intense scent of rosemary.
5.  Leave in jar until you are ready to strain.

Your scalp and hair will appreciate this love