Saturday, October 24, 2015


The natural lace front and color trends today makes this wig a hit for this season.  The highlights are reflected through the hair which is a very hot color.   There are a lot of women that are custom making wigs that can create this natural lace front.   They have a big advantage over myself and others that don't yet know how to do it, however it looks like a fascinating experience but time consuming, so we fail due to patience.   Highlights and Balayage are the new season trends for color,  although highlights are not new,  but still are used a lot in hair styles.  For more information on this custom wig and others go to


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sasha New Custom Wig Is The New Girl On The Block with Balayage Ombre

The new custom wig is very hot with the new trend of Balayage color.  My favorite colorist is Guy Tang.  I love the way he dose the Balayage colors.  I want to support the trends by looking for hair
that fit in with the trend setting.  Sasha meet all of the features for a style that meet the trends of color.  As we look around,  we see all kind of colors today on ladies,  setting the trend for the color seasons.  I love the color of reddish brown,  I will have to try that one day,  not anytime soon.   This fall we will be brining out  custom wig with the new fall color.  For more information on this custom wig and others go to   This is a 100% Human Hair Blend Custom Wig 22 Inches.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Meet Denise Remi Human Hair Blend 14 Inches with Adjustable Strap

I am so excited to share my new wig Denise with you,  this is going to be something that I am inspired to do to keep you updated,, because  my wigs are not just stitched together,  I have a purpose.  I want my wigs to aid natural hair.  I know that I am not alone anymore preaching about natural hair in-spite of  wearing extensions or wigs. The natural hair has to be care for first.  Denise is very curly, very soft and has a high premium quality.  Denise was created on a light cap, breathable material for natural hair, and has beautiful highlights.  She is a full wig no thinning anywhere, the destiny of this hair is great.  This hair will also last you up to 4 months with proper care.  The products should be good quality,  the same as you use on your own hair.   This wig can be sew in or just worn when you need it,  so get your hair prepped ready for Denise.  Wearing wigs   aid natural hair to grow, because you don't have to keep the wig on for long period,  it can be removed frequently to care for natural hair.  

For more information on Denise go to


Tuesday, October 13, 2015


After a long period of time,  we are back with some fashionable and beautiful handbags.  I enjoy shopping for handbags as much as selling them to you.  My love for handbags go way back in 2001. 
I have been selling handbags off and on since then.   I want beautiful quality handbags,  If you don't
have that,  then what's the point.   I believe when selling anything,  think of your customers first.  I love beautiful fashionable handbags even it's not Michael Kor.  I also believe other women loves beautiful handbags for the looks and quality.   We have started small just to feel things out and for more information go to


Friday, October 2, 2015


As always there are a lot of information out there,  so I will keep it simple.  The first thing you want to do is realize that hair color is really an investment  in our appearance,  and we all want to look great.   One way to help keep your hair looking great is to wait a least  two or three days to wash your hair after coloring it,  to keep color alive longer.  The second thing is to use a color safe shampoo and conditioner ,  because using the wrong product will stripe your color and make your hair dull or fade your color.  I bet you didn't know that hot water  can fade your color,  so wash in lukewarm water.   Note:  Lukewarm water is also great for wigs and extensions.   You should always protect your hair from chlorine which can change and damage your hair on the outer layers of the strands. 
Color hair needs extra moisture,  so do a deep conditioner.  Here are a few natural oils and products
that can help you achieve the moisture in your hair, use avocado or avocado oil,  almond oil and vitamin E,  and macadamia oil.  You can also use natural hair serum that you can create or purchase.  I would suggest letting these oils soak into your hair for 10 minutes,  use a cap.  There is one other thing to mention that can damage your hair, the sunlight.  To protect your hair from the sun,  use products that have UVA or UVB filter to protect your hair.  These are easy breezy ways to keep your hair healthy and your color looking good.