Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The wig restoration service is a good way to restore your old wig or hair extensions.  The restoration services offers more than shampooing and conditioning.   This is a great opportunity to get a fresh
color, or a new cut,  and definitely a great style.  You can book online,  this service is for everyone who want to ship their wig to us to service,  or drop it off to be serviced.  Go to http://mdesignersinc.wix.com/shawzaehairstudio

 I love working on your favorite wig and extensions,  and you are going to love the way it looks.
Call now and let me help you bring life to your favorite wig.

Monday, March 21, 2016


I love being able to create beauty,  and having to look through dozens of images and taking pictures to create this website to show you what we are all about , and it's just amazing.   Shawzae is a custom wig studio. We create and design custom units that are ready to ship from our boutique at http://www.etsy.com/shop/shawzaeboutique,  and you can contact  us to create a  specific custom units for yourself.  Shawzae also offer wig restoration to make your wig look new again,  for this service you can book online.  We have listed on our website the services that we offer to restore your favorite wig or hair.   Take a look and give us a call or book on line go to http://mdesignersinc.wix.com/shawzaehairstudio. while on our website click on shop to see if there is anything you may want,  maybe a new custom unit.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Ladies, regardless of the hair texture all hair need moisturizers unless you have an oily scalp.   A lot of women have dry hair,  including some men,  and could benefit from a great hair moisturizer.  I heard a lot of women,  even men complain about dull and dry hair.  If you have 4C hair,  it's especially  true because if you have kinker hair ( tightly coiled )   it is drier.  There are other ethnic  groups that have kinky hair other than Black Americans,  so this is why I say all hair texture.  When your hair is kinky or has kinks it is harder for your scalp natural oil to travel  down to the strands.   There are people with straight hair that has a dry scalp.  The hair patterns can help explain  why your hair has a very low shine.  When the hair is properly moisturize the hair is healthy.   There are  several great products on the market,  one thing you want to remember is the oils which are good sealant.  (1) Shea products,   (2) Olive oil products (3) Coconut oils products and (4)  Macadamia oil products because these are all natural oils and keep skin and hair moisturize.  I created a serum for the hair with coconut and olive oil mixed with Rosemary.   Rosemary is great for the hair in keeping it healthy,  so it makes for a great product.  You can mix and make your own natural moisturizer for your hair as I did.  Learn to love your natural hair.