Thursday, October 25, 2012


Shaw's Stylish Braiding Salon offers natural hair straightening with products and styles that will last up to 4-5 weeks.    For a lot of ladies this is a great system getting away from extensions, braids, twist and other styles that can damage your hair by thinning and breakage.   Black hair is fragile in spite of its texture,  and the long wear of extensions and braids will damage your hair.  Braids or extensions should not exceed 3 months.   For the ladies whom are going natural will enjoy some of the more classic styles other than braids.  The Shaw's Stylish Braiding Salon give women a choice so that  they can break away  or take a breake from braids and extension,  because they want a more stylish style.  These ladies want to give their hair the bounce and shine it use to have with a healthy approach.  The products with our system will allow you to have beautiful stylish hair up to 4-5 weeks.  The products will also strengthen the hair.  The ladies will not have to keep applying flat irons to the hair to over process their hair with a lot of heat,  nor use a lot of oils to hold their hair down.   We can also reverse your hair back to kinky natural.   The key to a successful hair system is knowing what oils to use.   I live in Florida and these products will also be good in Florida humidity.   

We promote healthy hair by using the right hair care treatments.

Our YouTube video is in process to discuss our straightening system.   I am sure you will love the
new you.

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