Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I am excited this is just one more good thing for Shawzae and Shaw Herbal Healing Garden to be affiliates of Mountain Rose Herbs.  I am a herbalist stylist,  and I have been working on hair care products for the past two years.  Our new 2015 hair repair kit has been placed on the market.  These are proven hair care treatment that works with all organic ingredients.   Our new affiliation with Mountain Rose Herbs will help us to offer certified organic products to our clients.   This is another way to help our clients to live a wellness life.   As a Certified Herbalist,  I can help you get the right herbal products that will help you .   As a Herbalist Stylist,  it is my passion to help you save your natural hair from thinning,  or breaking causing hair loss.  Lets go into 2015 to live a wellness life,  a wellness life also include having healthy hair.   Click on any of the Mountain Rose Herb logo to browse their website,  and enjoy the great products they offer.

Monday, December 1, 2014


Shawzae Hair Studio has created the new 2015 hair repair kit.  This hair repair kit is for all type hair.   We have worked on this products for the past two years,  using it on our clients hair to help them with hair loss.   These products will also help in the re growth of your hair.   These  products have proven to work bringing back healthy hair,  and now we want to share them with you.   We know that we can't treat everyone ourselves,  so we hope these products will reach you instead to bring back your healthy hair.  You can purchase these products on our ebid store  at and always check us out at

Monday, November 24, 2014


Sisters Helping Sisters Foundation has been postpone for now until we get it set up properly.  I appreciate the help that someone sent to me,  by sending someone of authority that can give me the information on this program, and how to set it up.  The person that came to me offer to help me,  so I am sure we will be moving forward later this year.   All things happen for a reason, and I hope everyone has a happy holiday.     


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Vinegar, really it has been used for centuries for Alopecia, hair loss, baldness, and promotes faster growth.  The ancients knew that vinegar was great for all things related to hair and scalp care.  It is through DHT  that can build up around hair root and  follicle and causes follicles to die off which leads to hair loss.  Vinegar cleans gently to remove all residues, and safely rejuvenate your scalp and hair.  Rosemary is an effected solution to hair loss,  it  also help to reduce hair thinning, and improves circulation to the scalp.  Peppermint is also a age old remedy to treat hair loss and improve growth.  Aloe Vera is another effective herb that will help improving hair loss by stimulating blood circulation of the scalp.  Burdock is an important herb that is very effective in reducing hair loss,  it will also help in blood circulation to the scalp.  Lavender is one of the well known herb that will help in boosting hair growth and reduce baldness.  It is also known to have antibacterial properties that will help in soothing as well as healing the skin irrigations and infections of the scalp.   Gingko Balboa help with increasing  the blood flow to the brain and effective in correcting the deficiencies of the hair follicles.  There are several other herbs to grow hair by preventing hair loss such as Horsetail,  Saw   Palmetto and Panax Ginseng.  For help in quick results for baldness,  you can use 10 drops of rosemary-10 drops of lavender- 5 drops of basil, and 4 drops of jojoba oil regularly to the scalp.     
You can incorporate these herbs into your products to use and improve your hair growth,  however,  please check the content of you regular product to make sure it will fit.   We will retail our handcrafted products in 2015 for home treatments to get your hair back healthy.  Find other helpful information on our website,  we hope to keep it update more go to .  You will also be able to shop at our website on facebook  go to    We use shipping is done through USPS. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Hi Ladies,  I am actually loving this idea because we have been making custom wigs even before we got the premium 100%  Brazilian and Peruvian hair.   The reason we started making custom wigs is because we have some beautiful ladies with hair loss.   The ladies are beautiful,  and we want to make them feel beautiful.   We are offering them even more now with the celebrities quality hair that they can afford.   This hair also last for a year or more with proper care,  so they don't have to spend more money on getting more hair.   The holidays are coming and we want to offer you these discounts now
so that you will be ready for the holidays.   All hair are ordered,  so you need to get your order in now.   Call us for more information on this hair,  and watch the videos on this great hair.  This is one of the wigs I am wearing from our wig collection,  see that I am smiling.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Shawzae with the House of Beautiful Hair has the celebrities quality hair that can't be beat.  This is hair that you will love and can afford.   We are talking about 100%  Brazilian and Peruvian hair that will last  for a year or long with proper care.   You can use the same products that you use on your natural hair,  and yes you can even swim in this hair for more information contact  Enjoy our video


Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Shawzae Hair Studio is excited to share with you about our Shawzae wig collections.   These wigs are all custom made to your specifications,  we are talking color, cut and style.  All of our wigs are made of 100% human Peruvian ans Brazilian hair   The hair grade is AAAAA and you can find more information on  We do a lot of installs with this hair extensions,.   We started the wig collection at the request of our clients.  This hair will last you a year or more with proper care,  and you can use the same products on this hair as you do your own.  Give me a call for more information of this celebrities quality hair.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


This is a great subject for the young ladies that are pregnant and want this information.   There are evident that suggest that its probably safe to dye your hair during pregnancy.   The OTIS provides information on potential risk and says  that animal studies  are reassuring, and that there are no reports that dye causes changes in human pregnancies.  If you are still concern consider waiting to color your hair until second trimester.   Vegetable dyes are a good alternative which I recommend.  You should always check the ingredients.   Pure Henna is a semi color vegetable dyes that has been
used for thousands of years,  however,  it's messy and it has to stay on longer,  but is consider safe.It is important for women to feel good about themselves during this time.  You can also use a pop of color through extensions during pregnancy.   This will help you to stop being so emotional about color and color changes.   Look great feel good.


Thursday, August 28, 2014


I have seen it so many times, clients getting the wrong hair extensions for their texture of hair.  The right hair extensions means that you are going to get a more natural look, and it also means that you won't have to work so hard in getting the hair to blend.   We retail  hair now,  and we do a consultation on extensions and installs to make  sure you are getting the hair that matches your hair textures.   Clients contact me to ask what type of hair they should get for braiding and installs,  my first question to them is what is the texture of your hair and type of style are you wanting to achieve.  I also mention color to them in our conversation  so that we can throw in that pop of color.  You want people that see you with your extensions to say wow your hair looks good,  or it look so natural,  because some people are going to know you have on extensions,  and you want to get those compliments to validate your new look.


Sunday, August 3, 2014


I always get calls when a client is getting a sew in for the first time,  and also from women that don't know a lot about buying extensions.   The questions that I always get is what to buy, because they want to buy quality hair,  but don't want to pay an outrageous cost for it.   The one thing that stylist must never forget is the natural hair,  to protect it at all cost.   As a stylist it is our jobs to make recommendation to clients so that it can enhance their looks,  and protect their natural hair.   We retail hair 100% Brazilian and Peruvian hair at   I love this hair,  but I love the natural hair also which is why I want to offer to my clients the best for their natural hair.  This community will give you tips on the natural health of your hair when wearing extensions, and give you information on the hair we retail, and the benefits that it will give to you.   This community is all about the hair.   Join today.


Thursday, July 24, 2014


I want to thank the clients that have contacted us regarding the Brazilian and Peruvian hair,  I know that you would love this hair.   This hair is  not just great to wear, but you can also sell this hair as well.  I will admit since I have been a stylist for the  past four  years,  I have never worm hair this nice,  so needless to say I am feeling good.     I am currently a customer associate for the house of beautiful hair,  and I love this hair, my clients loves this hair,  so offer this hair to your clients to see how well they will love it.  Call us for more information,  go to    We love hair.


Monday, July 21, 2014


Ladies I can barely breath,  I am so excited to tell you about this wonderful hair that I
discover from the house of beautiful hair.   I know that some of you ladies know about this hair.
I have been researching hair to retail to my clients and this hair is wonderful.  I have checked out
the reviews, all good.   I signed up and purchase some and love it.  This hair will last up to 12 to
16 months,  so this is  a great investment.   Now let me stop there,  because I know that a lot
of ladies don't want the same hair for a year or more,  they want something new.   Don't get rid
of this hair,  put it up until you want to wear it again.   When you are ready to wear this hair again,
I will make it look new again,  this is really great hair.  For more information call 954-612-1982
check out and check out our web as  I will include this hair on my website,  so be patient with
me there.  Place your orders now.


Thursday, July 17, 2014


The heat can make for a lot of bad hair days, and if you want a summer hair style that's not always in a ponytail, listen up.  A summer up do is a classic and elegant look that you can wear formal or informal.  It will help to keep your hair off the neck which causes some bad hair days.   So when you can't stand having long hair on your neck in this heat,  these are some styles  that you can think about
and wear.   Check out magazines and other resources for a style that will suit you,  or better yet check with your stylist.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Shawzae Hair Studio aka  Shaw Stylish Braiding Salon always offer back to school discounts,  because we know that your little darling want to have the freshest look when they go back to school.   We also care for you and your whole family during the year.  We have 25% off on our coloring services now so call to make your appointment.  You can always chat with me online at any of my links.  I look forward to hearing from you and your little darling.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I am so excited to tell you about this program that we discover that helps clients view styles, colors
and cuts before the services are completed.   We can put your face on the screen with styles and colors that you are interested in,  to see if those style and color will fit you.   I love this program, it gives salon a big advantage in helping clients to get what they want,  and the services that will work.  Before you try a new color get a free consultation to see if that color will work for you.   I have seen it so many times clients trying out different styles and colors,  and most times it doesn't work,  so now you can actually fine out before doing it.   I wanted to try a new color,  so I try out the program on myself,  and I agree with the program red doesn't work for me.

This is an awesome color, but not for me, however, I do love it.


Monday, June 16, 2014


We are so excited to be a part of your special day,  and we have big plans for you.  Wedding is on
our menu with our wedding specials which include a flawless hairstyle that will include some of
our 100% premium hair extension,  a facial and makeup to make sure you look radiant, and to help you enjoy it all a glass of champagne.   We are here to help you celebrate your special day.

Call us for more information at 954-612-1982 or email us at  



Shawzae is a hair studio and boutique with some great products, especially premium hair extensions.  As a member you will enjoy getting beauty tips,  discounts on services and products.  In our boutique, you will find designers handbags, 100% premium hair extensions,  and herbal products.   You will also enjoy learning to make your own organic hair products from our
sister business Shaw Herbal Healing Garden.   We have also added a blog to our website for more information and beauty tips on hair care.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I am so excited to offer this new service that will save you ton of money on your extensions.  This is not a new concept but it is one that is not being used, it's called extensions revise.   Extension revise is a process of repairing your extension to its original state when purchase.    We spend so much money on our Remey and other human hair extensions.   This process doesn't stop you from buying new hair extensions but it will help you to save and cut down on your expenses when it come to getting a new extensions application.   A lot of ladies spend $200 to $300 dollars on hair extensions,  this is a way that you don't have to throw your high quality extensions away.  Call us for a consultation on our new service.  Extension Revise,  we fix extortions,  remove and repair.


Ladies, we love our extensions, and we want healthy hair.   The goal for every extortionist  is to find a safe and healthy way for themselves and client to wear their extensions.   I have worn sew in, and tape ins,  so which is the safest.   I can honestly say that I believe that tape ins are better, lighter
on the head,  faster to complete and last just as long as sew ins should which is 4-6 weeks.   Here  is a
little information that you can use to decide what is best for you.   Sew ins are what we are use to, we get our hair cornrow and extensions sew in,   but there are several things that can happen,  the cornrows are too tight especially around the edges which takes out the edges of your hair,   (2) the hair is usually matted to the weave if its kept in too long (3) and sew ins don't get enough air to
the scalp which makes the hair dry, scalp itchy, which also result into hair falling out.   Tape in are easier to apply,  your hair usually gets the attention it needs because it is not obstructed and is free
which will help you to maintain it better.  (2)  it takes half the time to put in  (3) the hair is much
lighter on your head,  keeping you from having headaches.    So decided the healthy way to wear your extensions and save your natural hair.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Handbags and hair are two things that I am passionate about,  so when I decided to go back and
sell handbags out of the salon,  it just made me happy.   For me and a lot of handbag lovers, it doesn't really have to be branded,  but they have to be beautiful and made of high quality, and if that's what
you are looking for check out our video.   We do have some brands such as Nine West, Gucci,  and a few other name brand  handbags,  but one of the things for sure,  you can always count on us for is high quality and beauty.  So check it out:     


There are so much information about for caring for natural hair and  for black hair, so I decided to add a few thing to the list.   As an herbalist stylist it is all about promoting hair care for  me,  but I love the trending styles,  and like all ladies I look at magazine and everything else to find them.  I
also find a lot of information on natural hair care. I do a lot of research on hair care to find way to create products that can achieve what I want for myself and clients.   As a herbalist, I create a lot of product to help damage hair.   I care about what go into my hair,  so it's all about the ingredients for me,  and of course I want it to smell good.  I am usually asked how often I should wash my hair?   My answer is at least once a week,  we as African American need to attain moisture in our hair.
The best way for black hair to be dry and straighten is with a blow dryer with the comb attached.  I always use a blow dryer if I don't let my hair drip dry.  I was asked about how long
you should wear your weave,  there are a bit of debate about it because some people would say
3 months but I say 2 months.   I also say if you see a problem occurring while wearing your extensions or with your hair being braided continuously, change it.   The reason is that when you wear extensions, and braids continuously it thins your hair.   One way to avoid this is to go in a different direction  with your hair,  you don't have to style your hair the same each time. 
I know that one of the reasons why braids are so popular in Florida is because of the heat and humidity, but you don't have  to wear braids all the time or wear the same style.   I encourage ladies to do something different with you natural hair, find a style that you will love of course.   The main thing is to take care of your natural hair regardless of style.   Don't force yourself to wearing wigs to cover up your hair because of damage.   Love your hair, we do.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Ladies, I love extensions, and I know you do also,  so why do we love extensions?  Extensions give us so many choices for our image.  We can choose different colors,  and length,  not to mention the styles that we can create.   The great things about extensions are we don't have to damage our natural hair to get these colors, length, or styles.    I love wearing extensions,  I may go from 22 inches to 12inches in a week,  love.  A lot of ladies love to change their hair color often,  I don't recommend
using a lot of chemicals for perms or coloring your hair,  it will damage the hair,  and sometimes you can't come back from the damage,  so get some extensions and save your natural hair.  A sample of going from brown to red within hours,  love that color.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The hair is complex, but we love our hair, not the frizz.  Hair is made of three layers  and thousands of cells, and the reason it get frizzy is simple.  The outer layer, the cuticle that look like a shingle
roof.  When hair is smooth those shingle lie flat, however, when  you run a brush through dry hair those shingle lift.  So how do we keep our hair from frizzing,  the expert says (1) not to brush your hair  because it disrupt the hair cuticle (2)  comb dry hair with wet fingers,  wetting your hands then fingers comb your hair  tackles frizz and tame tangle (3)tame with a touch of conditioner (4)  look for protein in your condition (5) don't over process your hair (6) stop cooking your curls (8) dry only
the root of your hair (9) absolutely no alcohol.   There are so many oils now for all types of hair
getting rid of the frizz is easy.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Braiding someone hair is such an easy and awesome thing,  We can create so many wonderful styles and we do, not to mention, the style last for at least two months.  I would not go any longer than
that with braids. We never think to ask ourselves, are we braiding the persons hair safety.  When braiding someone hair,  make sure you don't braid their hair so tight that they actually have a head ache,  or they lose hair from the scalp when taken it out,  or they loose hair around the edges and become bald.   Another thing to help the person that your are braiding hair,  give them tips in keeping their hair maintain after you braids it.  Watch my video when I show you how to braid hair around the edges without pinching too tight,  and being able to braid 24 inch hair without pulling,  so lets keep our people hair safe from damage when braiding.   Don't allow someone to braid your hair that tight because you think it will stay in longer,  because it won't and you need to take the braids out within two month to continue healthy hair. 


Monday, March 17, 2014


I am so excited to bring you this info on scalp psoriasis.   I will not be given a recipe for this treatment,  but I am going to share with you the products that we use that have  been successful, and because this is a genetic disease that you will have to control.  Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease of the skin, it is influenced by genes that are inherited by parents.  Psoriasis is a red scaling papules combine into plaques that classically present  on the elbow, knees, and other parts of the skin,  including the scalp,  because psoriasis  can affect any part of the skin.  The scalp will also produce
excess scale and will itch.  This disease can cause a loss of scalp hair,  which will return if
the disease is controlled.  The symptoms  appears as small bumps, as a papule surrounded by scale. 
This scale appears as dandruff.  Scratching this plaques is not a good idea.   The best way to treat this is to use medication that will get into the skin of the scalp.   Both the scalp and hair need to be treated.  The first thing you need to do is to remove the scale,  by washing the hair.   In this treatment we use goat milk,  I use real goat milk mixed with tar.  The clients sit under a cap for 20 minutes
without rinsing the goat milk mixed with tar,  after 20 minutes  comb through gently removing the scale,  if the scale are thick repeat.  After you have removed the scale gently comb through the hair parting the hair rubbing shea butter to the scalp, make sure you get the whole scalp,  sit under a
clean cap for about 5 more minutes,  then add macadamia oil to the scalp and hair,  then blow dry.  I know you may wonder why these product, so let me tell you.  Goat milk is good for dry hair and dandruff condition, it softens and smoothest out nicks or scratches across the hair strand,  it also makes your scalp healthier and less prone to dryness.  Tar is great for the scalp especially if you have itching scalp.  They sell tar shampoo for psoriasis,  or you can add tar to your shampoo.  Shea butter is another products that is great for the skin,  it make you scalp healthier,  and help to moisten your scalp to keep it from getting dry.  Macadamia is great for the hair as well,  it's heavy enough to hold the moisture in your hair keeping it from getting dry,  so these are the things we have tried that works, and there are other products you can use,  but the most important thing is to get diagnose by seeking a herbalist or other healthcare professional.


Saturday, March 15, 2014


As a herbalist I work with natural products, and get the benefits of nature.  We like the idea of using natural products on our clients hair and our own.    We are all about promoting healthy hair,  one
of the things that we are doing as a herbalist is creating treatment that will work for our clients.
We want to prevent hair loss,  and other hair disorders.  Having a  hair disorder can be devastating to anyone that is going through it,  and one of the things we do that traditional stylist don't is to
diagnose the head/hair disorder. We also recommend other healthcare specialist to our clients with certain disorders.   In some of our other blogs we will share some of the treatments
that we use.   I have shared some of our natural products in our blogs so that you can have
healthy hair.   Remember when you have a hair disorder,  you need more than natural products, because hair disorder is different from regular hair issues. Regular hair  issues could lead to other symptom for a hair disorder.  Natural products will help you to get healthy hair.   In our next blog we will share with you how to determine scalp psoriasis, and how we use goat milk to treat this hair disorder.  Goat milk is very popular aid in hair disorder treatment.


Thursday, March 13, 2014


Flexi Rods are taking over especially with the ladies that have gone natural, however, flexi rods are great for all texture hair.  Flexi rod are so great for so many reasons, you will love the curls that these rods give, and  it really look great in the ladies hair.   The style in which they wear the flexi rods are natural,  and it last for a while therefore  no flat iron, or curling iron to the hair for a while, which is great for your hair.   When you are using flexi rods,  you will just oil your hair and go,  wow, what a great style.  Flexi rods are really making a great impression,  I love them.

   Love it.

Monday, March 10, 2014


I have been asked that question a time or two,  and my answer is absolutely yes.  I have researched and looked at a lot of  videos where some ladies apply as much as six different products on there hair. I simply say to myself that's a lot of stuff and who has the time to apply all that stuff to their hair.  For some ladies this may be a weekly regime, but is it too many and too much product for your hair
at one time, so my answer is still yes.   My thoughts are,  you don't want to stigmatize your hair or scalp,  because your scalp need to breath and so do the follicles of your hair shaft.   You could also be using so many products that they counteract each other and may not be helping your scalp or hair.  I believe that you should find one product or maybe two products for your hair that will accomplish what it is that you want to do with your hair.   Two many products can also make your hair feel heavy,  which will cause headaches, and more.   It has also came to light that a lot of the products on the market today are stripping your hair of its oils,  so when you are buying and using a lot of products on your hair, think of rather the products is going to help,  if it's good for your hair,  and how much you should use on the hair.   I hope this will help you in finding the right products for your hair and that you will not have to use but maybe or two at the most to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014


OMG, we are back by popular demand in selling some of the most beautiful and quality handbags on the market.   I love handbags, you love handbags,  we all love handbags, so we are doing this thing,
we have already added some our designers handbag to our new and improved website.  We are
actually still working on the website.  Go visit our website at
We are honored to showcase and sells this beautiful handbags.  If you have any questions send us
an email.

Go to  click online store and browse. 


I am definitely a fan of rosemary for the hair.  Rosemary offers you so many wonderful benefits.
Rosemary stimulate growth, increase shine,, fights premature gray, and relieves you of dandruff,  wow,  that's some good stuff.   Some ladies leave the rosemary in their hair and some infuse their hair then rinse it,  if you allow rosemary to infuse your hair keep the cap on for at least 5- 10 minutes before rinsing it out.  Rosemary rinse will work either way,  and the oil you definitely leave in. There are also a few different ways to make your rinse and oil.   Some ladies boil the water and pour it over
the dry herb, and let it sit for a few hours before use.   I actually do a tenture and let it sit for 3- 4 weeks.  This product is so non expensive, and easy easy to make, and give you such huge

Here how to make a rosemary rinse and oil.

Get two jars of, one  4 oz jar and the other 2 oz jar.   You can use also whatever size you want.  

1. Fill your 4 oz jar half of rosemary dry herbs
2.  Fill the jar with water up to the top.
3. Shake, and place in a window.
4.  Shake each day until you are ready to strain.

Rosemary oil

1. Fill your 2 oz jar with dry rosemary herbs.
2.  Fill with your favorite hair oil,  mines is olive oil for this purpose.
3.   Cover the dry herbs with about an 1/2 inch from the top
4.  Shake and place in a window seal for 2-3 weeks.  You can also chop up the dry
herbs for that intense scent of rosemary.
5.  Leave in jar until you are ready to strain.

Your scalp and hair will appreciate this love

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hi Ladies, it's a lot of information out there about rosemary for your hair, but I am going to keep it simple.  It's time to get natural, avoid chemicals and all of that toxic in our hair.  Rosemary is a common herb, it's needle like,  and in my opinion it smells earthy.  I love that smell.   Rosemary is easy accessible and available at grocery stores, and online.   You can order it dry or as an oil,  online and off,  again easy accessible.  This plant is unbelievably great for our hair,  it stimulate and improve circulation to the scalp which will encourage your hair to grow,  it's antibacterial so it really clean your hair and scalp to make it healthy,  it improves the shine and softness of your hair,  it fight off premature gray,  it relieves your hair of dryness, flacks, and prevent dandruff.  There are so many ways  you can create hair product using this plant.   I created a rosemary rinse and rosemary oil to use in my herbal hair treatment.  I use this in my hair and clients.  I use a lot of rosemary, so I planted some in my garden, and other times I will order it from mountain rose.  I always use the dry herb.   I will share with you how I make and create my hair products using rosemary in my next video.    


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We love extensions,  because you can get the look you want, and the length,  but you do have to take
care of your natural hair.   Ladies, you can still have healthy natural hair when wearing extensions.
You have to put in the time to have healthy hair.   We need to make sure our hair is in good shape before adding the extensions.   Here are a few things you can do,  take a break from chemicals that
will weaken your hair to avoid breakage.  Make sure your hair is well condition and add a moisturizer  before adding extensions,  this will avoid drying, flaking, and itching.  If your hair began to itch wash with a shampoo that have ingredient for itching, and if you continue to itch or flake there may be another problem.  There are several problems with wearing extensions that's common today, one problem is braided too tight,  another problem is that the hair is left in too long.  When getting your hair done,  it should never be in pain.   These problems put a lot of tension on the follicles  which makes your hair fall out.   This could contribute to permanent hair loss.   There  are  several
thing you can do to avoid this, make sure that your hair is never braided too tight,  keep your hair clean and moisturized,  don't wear extensions over 6 weeks, and be gentle when taking your
extensions out.  Remember it won't hurt to give your hair a break.  This is helpful information that I thought you may like to get for your healthy hair.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The new omber color is trending with a lot of stylist and ladies.  We are now doing color applications so I just wanted  to bring you the color that's trending for 2014.   For hair omber style mean that your hair will be darkest at the roots and gradually become light at the tips.  The good news is that you don't have to go to a salon to get this color.   You can get omber color at home.   Here is how you do it: 

Make sure you do a strand test, and use a ventilation area,  just open the windows.

1. Choose a highlight kit that has a shade or two lighter than your natural hair.  Before starting cover your shoulders.

2.  Apply the highlighting mixture about halfway down the length of your hair wait 20- 30 minutes
for processing.

3.  Apply the rest of the mixture to the ends of your hair,  since this hair will be the lightest,  you can wrap the ends in foils to expedite the process.  This may take 30 minutes.

4.  Rinse your hair until the water is clear.

5.  Condition -Condition (  We do not normally use chemicals but to highlight your hair,  you will
be using chemicals )

6.  Now we are going to put healthy back into her hair by using some of the natural oils
that are good for your hair,  and will help to keep your hair moisturize, use one or mix together.
Olive oils
Macadamia oil
Coconut oil
Sit under a cap for 20 minutes to absorb that oil, then blow dry and wow  you will have a beautiful
omber color, and healthy hair.

7.  Continue to keep your hair moisturized so that it do not become brittle or damage, and by doing this you will continue to have healthy hair.

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Monday, February 3, 2014


I am just like every other woman,  I like color.  How do we keep our hair healthy with having color  treatred hair?  I will tell you what we do at Shawzae.   There are a lot of  information on this subject,  and a lot of products.  Study has shown  today that a lot of products on the market strips your hair of its healthy oils and more,  so be careful  of the products you get to help your hair,  because it may in fact damage your hair.  There are also organic hair colors  that we can use to help us stop using so much chemicals. Organic products are expensive for a lot of us.  Shawzae Hair Studio is an organic  salon,  however, we do color hair here at the salon.   The brand we use is Clairol which are ammonia free.  I believe this is the only product  that we use that has little chemicals,  so I take extra care of clients and myself when using this product.   We create  some of the products we use,  because we know whats in the indigent. We only put in what works to  give our clients healthy hair.    Our herbal treatment for color treated hair is something that you can make at home.   The recipe will be at the bottom.    One of the most important things you want to remember with  color treated hair is that your hair dries out fast which cause dry and brittle hair, then breakage, so  you want to keep your hair and scalp moist at all time by using products that are going to do that without  weighing your hair down making it feel heavy.  

Shawzae Herbal Oil Treatment for color treated hair.
4 oz Cup
1 Cup of Shea butter
1/2 Cup of Olive Oil
1/2 Cup of jojoba  Oil
1/2 Cup of Coconut Oil
1/4 Cup of Emulsifying Wax
Heat the wax and stir with the oils,  then let it sit to harden.   Massage into the scalp and pull through
the follicles

This treatment is a prefect balance of moisture for your scalp and hair to keep it from drying out, and  breakage.   These ingredient are not expensive,  and will last you far longer than any store product that you will buy,  and definitely more healthy for your hair.

Friday, January 31, 2014


I am so excited to have this conversation due to the countless questions that I received on this subject. When you set up an in home salon,  you have to remember that their are state laws,  and your house rules and laws that applies.   An in home salon is actually a old tradition, it's social meet beauty.   The most important thing
or one of the most important thing to  remember is cleanness,  this is as equal important as the traditional salons.   Remember no one wants to come to a dirty salon,  and especially a dirty house.    When operating a in home salon,  you should keep to the same rules having adequate supplies,  products,  equipment, and so on, so that your clients can get top notch service.     A  lot of people like that personal touch and details
that a in home stylist give to them and their hair.   They like the quality of care that they get from the stylist.
A lot of traditional salons now ask you not to bring your children to the salon because of the distraction      
that will interfere with the service.   When operating an in home salon,  you will want to create that
same vibe, even if you have children.    Having children in a salon is a common complaint from a lot of salons and stylist.   In home salons are growing because of the professionalism of the stylist, the service,  the calm and friendly atmosphere,  so listen up America, if you have not been to a in home salon you do not
have to be afraid.   You will receive professional and personal service to the detail of your hair.   I just
thought you would like to know that you can get professional service in home salons.   When you are looking for a salon check out both traditional and home to see which one that will fit you the best.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Ladies,  you know going to the salon is great, it's one of the joys in life.  After leaving the salon, 
your hair looks great,  but don't necessary smell great.   Hair usually smell like chemical or heat
from the curling iron or flat iron.   I usually wear my hair up with a bang.  I notice that when I put
some heat to my bang it smells like the curling iron.   I really don't like that smell.  The hair fragrance oil was clearly an accident on my part.   Several weeks ago I had a client in
for an herbal treatment.   She notice the ocean rain scent that I had on my finger,  I guess I was
doing something with it earlier,  anyway I can't remember what it was.   She commented on
how great it smells,  so while I was doing her hair it hit me to give her a mist of this scent
after her service was done.   OMG she loved it,  it smell so good.   She left the salon,  and I had
to go behind her because she left her book.  I open the door and all you could smell was that
great mist.   I know that a lot of the stylist will spay your hair with hairspray after the service to
get rid of the chemical smells or curling iron,  it last for a few minutes,  and sometimes you can
still smell that chemical scent or the curling iron through the spray.   This oil usually last  for
days, even when you sleep in the satin bonnets to protect your hair and style, which I
recommend,  you can still smell that mist.  The oil scent is much stronger than the hairsprays.

This fragrance oil mist is so easy to make,  and it will make such a different.  I call it my little
treat to my clients.   I usually give them a few mist to smell first to find out what they want, 
and it's now a big hit.   The oil is safe for the hair,  and you will love inhaling that fragrance.

I get my fragrant  oils. from Bramble Berry.

Here is how I make it:

I use a turkey baster it has ounces on it, and
I use 1/4 oz  of the ocean rain oil
I use 3/4 oz of distilled water maybe a little more,  it depend on the bottle
that you use.  Also you need to heat the water so it could melt the wax.
I use 1/2 tsp of alcohol   to hold the oil and water together
I used a 4oz mist bottle that I purchase at WalMart,  it is as easy as that, it's
a simple little treat for you and the clients.  

Friday, January 10, 2014


I decided to do this video because I have a lot of people asking me about getting rid
of dandruff.  I have also created a post below,  so please watch and subscribe to my
video.  I have also added the information on the Shaw Herbal Dandruff treatment


I am a herbalist stylist and above all I believe in healthy hair.   As a stylist,  you will run into all
types of people with all types of hair.   A stylist may or may not tell you something you  want or don't want to hear.  I did do some research on this and here are 10 things,  I thought may be worth

1.  If you can't afford to wear human hair extension,  don't wear synthetic.  Synthetic hair extensions
damages your natural hair.

2.  Always wash and condition your hair before a sew in,  the key is condition, condition.  You want to give your hair as much moisture as you can because the extensions are going to take a lot of
moisture from natural hair.

3.  Bond in really damages your hair more than you know.

4.  Don't let anyone braid your hair so tight it hurts,  sew ins are suppose to be comfortable not
painful,  actually all your hair styles and treatments should be comfortable.  Hair braided to tight will damage your hair,  and if they are braided to tight at the edges,  you are going to lose your hair.

5.  Wash your weave, if you are going to wear your weave again, and again.  They do have a
dry shampoo that you can use to wash your weave while your are wearing I called Herbal Cleanse
Dry Shampoo.

6.  Don't put heavy oils on your weave, because the oil make your weave heavy and put stress on
your natural hair.

7.  Don't use a lot of heat on your weave,  you can use heat on your human hair extensions,  but just  
like your natural hair high heat can be dangerous.  The less stress to your weave,  then their will be less stress to the natural hair.

8.  You should always oil edges and scalp without putting the oil on your weave.

9.  Take a break,  there are other styles that can keep your hair healthy.  If you wear long
extensions,  take a break by wearing short extension to take some of the stress off the natural

10.   We have a lot of home salons,  and you don't have to feel uncomfortable going to these salons,
because every stylist value their reputation.   If you are going to a home salons simply ask
questions to get all the information you need before you get there,  if you still feel uncomfortable
or not sure don't go.  Simple.

I hope these tips will have you to move forward in the 2014 and help you take better care
of your hair.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Dandruff is a serious issue for a lot of people, so lets start off by learning what causes dandruff.  Here are some causes of dandruff that we know of, dry scalp, a condition called seborrhea dermatitis ,  eczema , psoriasis or an overgrowth yeast like fungus know  as malassezia.

I am going to tell you how to make the Shaw Herbal Dandruff treatment

I use a 6 oz bottle, filled with half castle soap base
10 drops  of tea tree oil....stimulate growth
1/2 cup of coconut oil.....great for dry scalp
Half of keep the PH balance of your scalp,  this will help keep dandruff at bay
1/2 cup of  olive oil....great moisturizer

Before shampooing your hair in the herbal treatment,  put some apple cider vinegar in your
hair, a quarter cup,  let it sit for 2-3 minutes with a cap on it,  then shampoo your hair in the herbal treatment.  The apple cider vinegar will also change the PH balance in your scalp,  it makes it harder for yeast to grow in your hair.   Simple easy step to get rid of dandruff and to keep it gone.

Here are some other tips that I have read about to help with dandruff.   Aspirin can  be crushed fine,  added to shampoo,  it keep flaking down.  Baking soda is another one,  wet your hair and put a handful of baking soda in your hair to the scalp,   it stops itching.   The last one is aloe vera,  rub some aloe vera to the scalp to help you stop scratching.      I was asked to up date the numbers of the products instead of using percents,
so the numbers are here.  Thank you.


Thursday, January 2, 2014


We are so excited to be here in the 2014 to help you with your hair issues.  I am going to talk to
you about one of our favorite oils (  Macadamia Oil), and share with you two of our organic
products that we created in 2013 to help damage hair.  Macadamia plant was founded in
Australia.  The seed from the plant produce the oils.  This oil is highly nutritious, great source
of vitamin B complex, vitamin E,    phosphorus, and iron, plus 80 percent of mono
saturated fat.  This oil is known for softening the hair, eliminates frizzes, detangles, help
strengthens the hair, add shines, and replenishes hair from damages done by radiations.
I can't say enough about this oil.   Below we will share two of organic products that
were very successful in 2013.

Shaw Herbal Shampoo

8 oz bottle
Castile soap base
10 drops of rosemary oils
8 drops of tea tree oils
8 drops of olive oils

Shake well each day, let it sit for 4 to 6 days before using to let the oils infuse with
 each other and the soap.

Shaw Rosemary Herbal Rinse.
Mason Jar
Dried Rosemary Leaf
Boil some distilled water
Fill your mason jar with half of your dried rosemary leaf,  then add  the water to
the jar filling it up to the top. Shake the jar well and let sit for 6 weeks.
After you let it sit for 6 weeks strain the rosemary and bottle your water for a
rosemary rinse.  You can probable make two 6 oz bottles of rosemary rinse because
the content of the strain rosemary water will be strong,  so you can add a little
more distill water to it.  Rosemary help hair growth,  olive oils give hair moisture, and
tea tree oils stimulate the scalp also for hair growth.  Healthy hair for 2014.

I hope you have fun doing these project,  they are great for your hair and the
whole family.