Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Ladies,  you know going to the salon is great, it's one of the joys in life.  After leaving the salon, 
your hair looks great,  but don't necessary smell great.   Hair usually smell like chemical or heat
from the curling iron or flat iron.   I usually wear my hair up with a bang.  I notice that when I put
some heat to my bang it smells like the curling iron.   I really don't like that smell.  The hair fragrance oil was clearly an accident on my part.   Several weeks ago I had a client in
for an herbal treatment.   She notice the ocean rain scent that I had on my finger,  I guess I was
doing something with it earlier,  anyway I can't remember what it was.   She commented on
how great it smells,  so while I was doing her hair it hit me to give her a mist of this scent
after her service was done.   OMG she loved it,  it smell so good.   She left the salon,  and I had
to go behind her because she left her book.  I open the door and all you could smell was that
great mist.   I know that a lot of the stylist will spay your hair with hairspray after the service to
get rid of the chemical smells or curling iron,  it last for a few minutes,  and sometimes you can
still smell that chemical scent or the curling iron through the spray.   This oil usually last  for
days, even when you sleep in the satin bonnets to protect your hair and style, which I
recommend,  you can still smell that mist.  The oil scent is much stronger than the hairsprays.

This fragrance oil mist is so easy to make,  and it will make such a different.  I call it my little
treat to my clients.   I usually give them a few mist to smell first to find out what they want, 
and it's now a big hit.   The oil is safe for the hair,  and you will love inhaling that fragrance.

I get my fragrant  oils. from Bramble Berry.

Here is how I make it:

I use a turkey baster it has ounces on it, and
I use 1/4 oz  of the ocean rain oil
I use 3/4 oz of distilled water maybe a little more,  it depend on the bottle
that you use.  Also you need to heat the water so it could melt the wax.
I use 1/2 tsp of alcohol   to hold the oil and water together
I used a 4oz mist bottle that I purchase at WalMart,  it is as easy as that, it's
a simple little treat for you and the clients.  

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