Thursday, January 2, 2014


We are so excited to be here in the 2014 to help you with your hair issues.  I am going to talk to
you about one of our favorite oils (  Macadamia Oil), and share with you two of our organic
products that we created in 2013 to help damage hair.  Macadamia plant was founded in
Australia.  The seed from the plant produce the oils.  This oil is highly nutritious, great source
of vitamin B complex, vitamin E,    phosphorus, and iron, plus 80 percent of mono
saturated fat.  This oil is known for softening the hair, eliminates frizzes, detangles, help
strengthens the hair, add shines, and replenishes hair from damages done by radiations.
I can't say enough about this oil.   Below we will share two of organic products that
were very successful in 2013.

Shaw Herbal Shampoo

8 oz bottle
Castile soap base
10 drops of rosemary oils
8 drops of tea tree oils
8 drops of olive oils

Shake well each day, let it sit for 4 to 6 days before using to let the oils infuse with
 each other and the soap.

Shaw Rosemary Herbal Rinse.
Mason Jar
Dried Rosemary Leaf
Boil some distilled water
Fill your mason jar with half of your dried rosemary leaf,  then add  the water to
the jar filling it up to the top. Shake the jar well and let sit for 6 weeks.
After you let it sit for 6 weeks strain the rosemary and bottle your water for a
rosemary rinse.  You can probable make two 6 oz bottles of rosemary rinse because
the content of the strain rosemary water will be strong,  so you can add a little
more distill water to it.  Rosemary help hair growth,  olive oils give hair moisture, and
tea tree oils stimulate the scalp also for hair growth.  Healthy hair for 2014.

I hope you have fun doing these project,  they are great for your hair and the
whole family. 


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