Thursday, April 16, 2015


An itchy scalp  is a sure sign of dandruff, and one major complaint is the flakes.  An itchy scalp occurs when microorganism break down your natural scalp oils forming an irritant called foleic acid.   There are some herbal treatment  that is recommended that works,  one of my favorite is tea tree oil,  which can be added to your shampoo or other hair products.    Tea tree oil has natural antifungal,  anti inflammation and anti bacterial properties  that can treat itchy scalp.  Lemon juice can treat  an itchy scalp because o its antiseptic  properties.     Apple cider vinegar has powerful anti inflammation properties that kills the yeast and virus  that cause itchy scalp.   Aloe vera  contain moisturizing  properties which  will relieve dryness and itching.  Another one of my favorite is coconut oil, it creates  a barrier that help keep skin moisturized, and a great way to treat itchy scalp.  Baking soda is another way to treat itchy scalp, it helps relieve itching scalp by exfoliating the scalp and controlling   dandruff caused by an overactive fungal.  These are simple inexpensive  treatment that works  to keep hair and scalp healthy. 


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