Wednesday, April 1, 2015


This is a great topic for all women,  but especially for women of color.  My question is do you wash your hair once a week, every two weeks or a month?  We all know that different ethical backgrounds has a lot to do with hair texture,  so what do we do?  I wash my hair weekly and I believe that  using the right products to produce the natural oils in your scalp is really important.  I love to wear extensions and wigs,  so my scalp sweats to produce oils that will clog the pores to prevent growth,  so I wash weekly to get rid of the build up, and I use a small amount of oil to the scalp after a viragos washing to soothe the scalp so my hair will grow healthy.   If you have a scalp issue,  you don't want to do that,  but there other ways to care for your hair.   The care for natural hair depends on you,  but remember that a clean and healthy scalp will produce healthy hair.   When choosing a hair regimen always choose something that you can stick to,  because you can train your hair.   I believe hair needs more care when you wear extensions and wigs,  so let learn to love our natural hair.

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