Friday, July 22, 2016

Natural Hair Care and Custom Wigs For The Fall Season

Fall and winter can be brutal to our natural hair,  creating dryness,  brittleness and thinning which will cause hair loss.   We also have some trending custom style wigs for the fall.   These custom wigs can help relieve tension on the natural hair.  I read a few days ago wigs are becoming the new extensions.  A lot of ladies are wearing wig now to relieve stress on their natural hair.  Here are some tips to caring for the natural hair,   because our skin gets so dry in the fall and winter,  the main thing to do with natural hair is to keep it clean and moist.   Jojoba oil is a powerful  remedy that has been used for hundreds of years, it has a powerful effect on hair growth.   Saw Palmetto is known to block  formation of dihydrotesterone which kills hormone that kill hair follicles.  Rosemary  with almond  or coconut oil is a great health provider for natural hair and scalp.  Eumi oil is another oil that is highly recommended  for the natural hair and scalp.   Remember the best way to take care of natural hair is to keep it clean and scalp moisturize.  For constant styles and color changes,  you may want to wear a custom wig to relieve the stress off the natural hair.