Sunday, May 29, 2016


Customer service is one of the most important aspect of any business.   In business,  you will have problems occurring at time,  but it's what you do after the problem has occurred.  I was told once that it's not what happen,  but how you handle it afterwards  that matter to the customers.
Lets's talk about resourcing your hair,  I am a wig designer so I have to find the best quality hair that I can afford for my customers.   One of the things,  I discovered in this process is that some of the business owners do diminish the quality of hair for other business owners.   I make it my business to read review on other businesses to see what their customers are saying about their business and the quality of hair that they are getting from them.  I realized that no matter how much money you pay for custom wigs,  or regardless of how much people tend to market the products as the best,  sometime they fall short.   As a customer,  I am looking for quality hair for me, and my customers.  I want to pass onto them quality hair,  and affordability.   I personally will never pay over $250 for any type of hair no matter what the company say.   I will never charge my customer any more money than I would pay myself,  and I am going to tell you why.   One of the reasons are if you don't care for your hair it's going to go bad no matter how much money you paid.  Second reason is in the nape of your neck,  you going to sweat because you have the hair coming down your back,  which mean it's going to tangle.   Human hair gets tangle,  so if you are purchasing human hair,  then you should know that it's going to get tangle unless it is processed so that it doesn't which  mean that they have put something on the hair.   You should think of human hair as your own natural hair,  which get tangle and matted if not care for.   Third  reason is that company mislead you about human hair,  and the reasons that some hair don't work out for the customers is because the human hair it self may not be good quality hair,  even though  it's human hair.  A  business owner should know that these problems are going to occur,  and when it dose give the best customer service that is possible,  and don't overcharge for your products,  when you know that the products is not as you say,  or put down other business owners.   We should also remember that even when you do this there are some people that you just can't get through or help.