Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I am so excited to offer this new service that will save you ton of money on your extensions.  This is not a new concept but it is one that is not being used, it's called extensions revise.   Extension revise is a process of repairing your extension to its original state when purchase.    We spend so much money on our Remey and other human hair extensions.   This process doesn't stop you from buying new hair extensions but it will help you to save and cut down on your expenses when it come to getting a new extensions application.   A lot of ladies spend $200 to $300 dollars on hair extensions,  this is a way that you don't have to throw your high quality extensions away.  Call us for a consultation on our new service.  Extension Revise,  we fix extortions,  remove and repair.


Ladies, we love our extensions, and we want healthy hair.   The goal for every extortionist  is to find a safe and healthy way for themselves and client to wear their extensions.   I have worn sew in, and tape ins,  so which is the safest.   I can honestly say that I believe that tape ins are better, lighter
on the head,  faster to complete and last just as long as sew ins should which is 4-6 weeks.   Here  is a
little information that you can use to decide what is best for you.   Sew ins are what we are use to, we get our hair cornrow and extensions sew in,   but there are several things that can happen,  the cornrows are too tight especially around the edges which takes out the edges of your hair,   (2) the hair is usually matted to the weave if its kept in too long (3) and sew ins don't get enough air to
the scalp which makes the hair dry, scalp itchy, which also result into hair falling out.   Tape in are easier to apply,  your hair usually gets the attention it needs because it is not obstructed and is free
which will help you to maintain it better.  (2)  it takes half the time to put in  (3) the hair is much
lighter on your head,  keeping you from having headaches.    So decided the healthy way to wear your extensions and save your natural hair.