Thursday, February 25, 2016


French clay is one of  nature's strongest antiseptic,  and it has strong inflammatory  properties.   
The clay stop the flow of blood and speed up the process of cellular  knitting  bringing tissues together for younger and healthy skin.  The clay also drawls out impurities and toxins of your system with deep cleansing.  The clay is very absorptive and has a long murals of heath benefits.  The clay can be applied externally,  and studies have shown it can be taken internally safe.   It is extremely safe,  it's from mother earth,  but use incorrectly could case a negative reaction. 

Note:   When using French clay for the first time you will notice the affected area become red or worse than it was,  before it gets better.   From my own experience this is true,  I use the French clay as a mask for years,  now I have made it into a bar of soap which you will find in Shawzae Boutique in cosmetic at    The process for the clay is normal.

The clay stimulate blood circulation which brings blood closer to the surface of the skin,  this main the clay is working to eliminate what it needs to flush from the body,  indicating that the process of healing has began.

Note:  No side effect but do not internally use if :

1   You suffer from high blood pressure,  kidney failure or intestinal issues,  or you have chronic constipation.  As stated early,  studies have shown that you can use this clay internally,  however,
we are promoting a French clay bar of soap for external use.

If you love clinque soap,  you are going to love this soap for deep cleansing and  a younger look.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Ladies,  we know that heat can damage our hair,  but did you know with the proper heat it can be beneficial.  I will say 250 to 350,  but it really depend on your hair texture and if it's has chemical in the hair.  The heat from a hooded dryer or steamer can benefit deep conditioner.   A plastic cap and hot towel can also benefit a deep conditioner.   The natural hair can benefit from heat before braids and extensions.  Heat help prevent matting and a lot of tangles.  When using the proper heat in your hair,  you will get to do more styles,  and they last longer.  Lean to love your natural hair and take care of it.   There all kinds of organic products that are great for the natural hair.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Ladies,  I am excited about these new units,  because they are going to be different than the other custom wigs I have made.   The different is that I will be putting additional special touches to these units,  such as coloring and highlights.    I decided to create some collections for my units,  and this will be the first collection.   In business,  I find that you have to continue evolving in your business to succeed.   The main thing about this business is that it don't feel like work  even though,  I am thinking about it all  the time or I am creating something.   Being in the hair business I know has made my mom happy in her resting place,   she loved and wore wigs all the time.   I am sure  she would be wearing one of my wigs if she was still here.   Love you mom.   When you have a business stay on it,  and don't forget to have fun with it.  

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Ladies, I know that you are aware of how great coconut oil is for skin and hair,  well coconut milk is just as great.  Here are a couple of recipes that you can make and use on a daily base for healthy hair.
Coconut oil and milk is free of chemicals that  lurks in commercial products.  According to  the Journal of Cosmetic Science,  coconut oils out preforms sunflower oil and is the only oil that reduce proteins. You can get most of these ingredients from the grocery store.   We are using real coconut milk and organic coconut oil.   Coconut milk helps hair growth,  fight off dandruff,  and tame frizz, as well as the oils,  and we are using them together. .

Recipes For Shampoo

I Cup of coconut milk........great for the hair
1/2 cup of coconut oil...... great for the hair
1/2 cup of rosemary oil......I just love this and it;s good for your hair
1 Cup of castle soap base......this will give you the lather you want
1/2 Emulsifying wax   ......this will keep your oils and coconut milk bind.

Recipes  For Conditioner

1 Cup of coconut milk
1/2 Organic Shea Butter
1/2 Organic  Coconut Oil
1/2 Emulsifying wax
2 tsp of Liquid Silk
Fragrant Oil

Th's is grantees to help improve your hair and it can be used on a dally base


Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I know that some of you ladies can relate when you have a favorite wig.   I love this wig and it's texture is like my natural hair, so I didn't want to get rid of it not just yet.   I apply our restoration service to my old wig and bought  it back to life.   This wig look amazing and smells so good,  so it makes changing  wigs more fun.   You can restore your old wig just as I did,  even if you don't have the products that I do.

Here are the process for restoration:

Inspect your wig first for any lose extensions,  then secure them.
Comb your wig well removing all tangles
Shampoo your wig allowing it to soak for about 15 minutes
I used a clarifying shampoo to remove all products from  the hair before shampooing
Make sure all the shampoo is out of the hair.  
Condition your wig allow 5 or 6 minutes for the condition to sit  
Make sure you rinse the hair well
Let drip dry
Comb your wig again thoroughly  removing any tangles
Apply a light oil before flat ironing,  I flat iron the whole wig before going back in
with the curing iron to style the wig.

All customers wigs get recapped,  I did not recap my wig  because I will be using the elastic band method to secure.   I hope this will help you in bring you old wig back to life.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


  I so love this lip balm.  Our vegan lip balm has a peppermint flavor which excites your lips.   We ladies spend a lot of time on our appearance especially when it come to our face.   Lipstick and lip balms are very important products to use.   As the weather and outside elements  changes so do our skin,  including our lips.   I have personally experience dry and chapped lips at time,  so creating an using this vegan lip balms is one of the best products that we have made.       

Friday, February 5, 2016

Vtimains You Can Take To Help Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is scary and an annoying thing,  and not always due to neglect.  Hair loss could be caused by a lot of things,  and it cold be as simple as a lack of vitamins.  The lack of vitamins C, causes thinning,  and is  needed because it promote the blood flow in the scalp,  and help produce oils to prevent breakage.  Iron is also needed to grow hair,  it help to produce new growth.  Biotin is also needed for hair, because it help hair grow and creates strength.   Vitamins D also help hair growth,  consult your doctor with starting a  vitamin D regimen.   Some other products that help prevent hair loss is Calcium,  Rosemary, Zinc and Coconut oil,  these are not vitamins but they do help with hair growth.   Stop worrying about hair loss and start preventing it,  when ever possible always use natural products,  avoid chemical in the hair especially if it's already thinning.   We have always been advocate for natural hair,  because we know to build anything you need that foundation.      

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Happy Valentine Day,  this is a great time to contact a soap maker and get in on all natural soaps for healthier skin.   Our skin is changing as the elements, and weather changes.  Adding chemical products to  your skin will create more damage in the long run.   We should consider what we are putting on our skin,  as we are concern for what we put into our bodies.   People are growing their own foods so that they can eat naturally healthy food,  so do your skin  a favor find a soap maker or start creating your own soaps and live a happier life,  and have a happy Valentine Day.