Thursday, February 25, 2016


French clay is one of  nature's strongest antiseptic,  and it has strong inflammatory  properties.   
The clay stop the flow of blood and speed up the process of cellular  knitting  bringing tissues together for younger and healthy skin.  The clay also drawls out impurities and toxins of your system with deep cleansing.  The clay is very absorptive and has a long murals of heath benefits.  The clay can be applied externally,  and studies have shown it can be taken internally safe.   It is extremely safe,  it's from mother earth,  but use incorrectly could case a negative reaction. 

Note:   When using French clay for the first time you will notice the affected area become red or worse than it was,  before it gets better.   From my own experience this is true,  I use the French clay as a mask for years,  now I have made it into a bar of soap which you will find in Shawzae Boutique in cosmetic at    The process for the clay is normal.

The clay stimulate blood circulation which brings blood closer to the surface of the skin,  this main the clay is working to eliminate what it needs to flush from the body,  indicating that the process of healing has began.

Note:  No side effect but do not internally use if :

1   You suffer from high blood pressure,  kidney failure or intestinal issues,  or you have chronic constipation.  As stated early,  studies have shown that you can use this clay internally,  however,
we are promoting a French clay bar of soap for external use.

If you love clinque soap,  you are going to love this soap for deep cleansing and  a younger look.

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