Friday, February 5, 2016

Vtimains You Can Take To Help Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is scary and an annoying thing,  and not always due to neglect.  Hair loss could be caused by a lot of things,  and it cold be as simple as a lack of vitamins.  The lack of vitamins C, causes thinning,  and is  needed because it promote the blood flow in the scalp,  and help produce oils to prevent breakage.  Iron is also needed to grow hair,  it help to produce new growth.  Biotin is also needed for hair, because it help hair grow and creates strength.   Vitamins D also help hair growth,  consult your doctor with starting a  vitamin D regimen.   Some other products that help prevent hair loss is Calcium,  Rosemary, Zinc and Coconut oil,  these are not vitamins but they do help with hair growth.   Stop worrying about hair loss and start preventing it,  when ever possible always use natural products,  avoid chemical in the hair especially if it's already thinning.   We have always been advocate for natural hair,  because we know to build anything you need that foundation.      

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