Thursday, January 28, 2016


This is such a great time to start creating your brand,  getting products and your name out there because the world is ready for all new things.   We have a lot of digital products,  health  and beauty products coming out,  it 's endless.   We are also coming out with our vegan lipstick line,  and we are adding  lip balms.   The most excited thing about coming out with new products is creating them.  I love crafting,  this is fun time.   Crafting is also educational because you learn about the products that you are crafting to brand and sell it.   As a wig designer,  it's about creating and styling,  and this year it's about putting your personal touches on the creation such as coloring, and  cutting.

Monday, January 25, 2016


This is a fabulous time for you to learn to make custom wigs for yourself or a friend.  We have so many custom wig designers out there that do such a great job in making wigs.  The fact that we do have so many wig designers,  how do you know who to go to,  or what set the designers apart.  Most designers know how to color, cut and style their wigs,  it's about making your signature.   I will also
be improving on my signature touches by offering more color,  and cuts on my designers wigs.  It is really an important part of making custom wigs,  because most of the time when you order your human hair,  they usually have two colors 1B or natural which is black,  which is not the color you are looking for at the time.  We are stepping it up ladies for you,  because custom wigs are trending,  and not going anywhere so stay tuned in.

I will be giving Beverly,  my new custom wig an overhaul cutting her down to a 10 inch bob.  I really have a ache in heart for doing this,  but I believe she will be more beautiful and stylish shorter.
New video will be out soon,  stay tuned.  See all of our wigs on  visit our website at book an appointment to get a custom wig made,  or revamp your old wig or extensions.

   Watch new video and see my cutting style and see Beverly turn into a beautiful bob. 

Monday, January 18, 2016


I decided to do a custom braided wig a couple of months ago after a customer had asked me about a Marley braided wig.  I wasn't sure that I would be able to do it,  because a braided wig would be a little more challenge than braiding someone hair.   I believe that the parting would be the issue.  I set a goal for myself to make the wig,  and I did.   Although I worked on the wig for several days,  it actually took me about 10 hours, maybe a little longer.    This is my first custom braided wig,  and it looks great.  

The important factors of this wig is that it's going to save your natural hair.   The women that normally get their hair braided know the issues with braided hair.   Braiding hair is damaging to the natural hair because it's usually braided to tight  which cause your hair to thin,  and sometime it's braided so tight the hair come out of the root,  and it doesn't grow  back .   I believe with the braided wig,  you can enjoy the braids without the damage from the natural hair.   The wig is comfortable although a little heavy,  which is why braids also damage the natural hair by pulling on the natural hair.    The braided wig will prevent that,  and you can remove it when you are tired of the braids,  instead of sitting for hours while someone take them out.      So hooray for braided wigs.    

Sunday, January 10, 2016


This is going to be a good year,  and I want everyone to say and believe that.   I believe that it will be an exciting here for Shawzae,  and I want to share it with you.   We have a new line of  all natural cosmetics coming out this year.   We also have a new line of vegan lipstick that is coming in February,   I have experience dry and chap lips with the lipsticks I used.    I have used expensive and low cost lipsticks with the same results,  dry and chap lips.   I use to sell Mary Kay,  so you know that lipstick wasn't  cheap lol.   I created some all natural balms to help with this issue,  I could actually peel skin off my lips,  which wasn't good lol.   I believe these vegan lipsticks are going to help me with that,  keeping my lips  moist.  

We have update our website to bring in some of the things we are doing,  so go check it out.  I will try to post on this website more so hold me to it lol.

Shop  Vegan lipstick in 6 shades go to http://www,

Monday, January 4, 2016


Happy New Year.   I want to talk to you just a little about nail care, and I know that the only thing matter to some of you is the nail extensions,  and that's ok.   We need to think about our health care more in the 2016.   I just heard on the news a few days ago there were a health issue with nail polishes.    The most important thing in nail care is the cuticle and nail bed,  because the nails grow out through healthy cuticles.   If the cuticle become damage there is a chance that the nail bed will
become damaged as well.   Although,  you may wear nail extensions , take care of your natural nails,  get manicures  so your cuticles can be pulled back and trimmed.    You also need to use a cuticle treatment that will help your cuticles stay soft and allow your nail to grow.   If you do not get nail services often,  you can still take care of your nails,  pull the cuticle back,  trim them,  and rub cuticle treatment on each nail at least every other week.