Monday, January 4, 2016


Happy New Year.   I want to talk to you just a little about nail care, and I know that the only thing matter to some of you is the nail extensions,  and that's ok.   We need to think about our health care more in the 2016.   I just heard on the news a few days ago there were a health issue with nail polishes.    The most important thing in nail care is the cuticle and nail bed,  because the nails grow out through healthy cuticles.   If the cuticle become damage there is a chance that the nail bed will
become damaged as well.   Although,  you may wear nail extensions , take care of your natural nails,  get manicures  so your cuticles can be pulled back and trimmed.    You also need to use a cuticle treatment that will help your cuticles stay soft and allow your nail to grow.   If you do not get nail services often,  you can still take care of your nails,  pull the cuticle back,  trim them,  and rub cuticle treatment on each nail at least every other week.      


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