Sunday, January 10, 2016


This is going to be a good year,  and I want everyone to say and believe that.   I believe that it will be an exciting here for Shawzae,  and I want to share it with you.   We have a new line of  all natural cosmetics coming out this year.   We also have a new line of vegan lipstick that is coming in February,   I have experience dry and chap lips with the lipsticks I used.    I have used expensive and low cost lipsticks with the same results,  dry and chap lips.   I use to sell Mary Kay,  so you know that lipstick wasn't  cheap lol.   I created some all natural balms to help with this issue,  I could actually peel skin off my lips,  which wasn't good lol.   I believe these vegan lipsticks are going to help me with that,  keeping my lips  moist.  

We have update our website to bring in some of the things we are doing,  so go check it out.  I will try to post on this website more so hold me to it lol.

Shop  Vegan lipstick in 6 shades go to http://www,

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