Monday, January 18, 2016


I decided to do a custom braided wig a couple of months ago after a customer had asked me about a Marley braided wig.  I wasn't sure that I would be able to do it,  because a braided wig would be a little more challenge than braiding someone hair.   I believe that the parting would be the issue.  I set a goal for myself to make the wig,  and I did.   Although I worked on the wig for several days,  it actually took me about 10 hours, maybe a little longer.    This is my first custom braided wig,  and it looks great.  

The important factors of this wig is that it's going to save your natural hair.   The women that normally get their hair braided know the issues with braided hair.   Braiding hair is damaging to the natural hair because it's usually braided to tight  which cause your hair to thin,  and sometime it's braided so tight the hair come out of the root,  and it doesn't grow  back .   I believe with the braided wig,  you can enjoy the braids without the damage from the natural hair.   The wig is comfortable although a little heavy,  which is why braids also damage the natural hair by pulling on the natural hair.    The braided wig will prevent that,  and you can remove it when you are tired of the braids,  instead of sitting for hours while someone take them out.      So hooray for braided wigs.    

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