Sunday, October 16, 2016


I love staying busy,  so when I am not working on making custom wigs,  I am back working on my handcrafted jewelry.  When I move to Florida,  I lost my clients and market for my handcrafted jewelry,  however,  I found the passion again to work on my handcrafted jewelry.  You will see special one of a kind jewelry pieces as I continue to grow my brand Shawzae   I am following my dreams as a designer,  and I like to think of myself as crafty so I get my hands in a lot of things,  especially hair, health and beauty products.  We also started a perfume collection as well,  so whatever it is you want to do,  find time,  make time and start doing it.    


We are so bless to have hair of every texture,  and I personally love our natural hair on all females,  so it's no wonder I want you to take care of it,  and I want to help you.  When clients come to you for a sewin, and they have no edges or thin edges, it is our responsibility to educate then on what works and don't work.   We want to take care of those edges,  by educating the client that the style may not be appropriate for her edges,  and you can suggest the vixen or vertical sewin that will elevate pressure on her edges.   The vixen or vertical sewin will allow you to leave hair out,  and doing so it takes the pressure off the weak area  and put it in the stronger area.  The vixen or vertical sewin look very natural,  and it will allow the clients to continue taking care of their edges.   You can suggest products to your clients such as the edge control to keep the edges flat so that your client will have a flawless look.   We will be teaching vixen sewin which is also known as the vertical sewin to our students at Shawzae.    This is a natural hair care tip to prevent more damages to thin edges or to protect someone with no edges.   Educating your clients is very important in the hair business,  and it's something that we all have to do to stop damaging natural hair.   Vixen or vertical sew in can be done on short hair as well.  Let's learn to love natural hair.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


This is an amazing time for Shawzae,  because we are not just in the hair business, we also create other crafty products such as health and beauty, cosmetic, jewelry and perfumes.  Perfumes are something new that we are trying out,  and the first perfume that was created was great.  We got some good responses from the ladies that have received this perfume as a free gift.   We gave away over twenty bottles to get some feedback as to the smell,  how long it last, so that we can produce more perfumes.  The feedback was great, the only problem we encounter was that the bottles leaked when they were in the handbags.  We used the roll on bottles,  and for some reason if you put the bottles in your purse, they leak,, so you will end up with one great smelling handbag.  Watch the video on how I made this great smelling perfume.
Shop with us at http//   We will be changing the bottles for the next bash of perfumes,  but you can still purchase some of the perfumes we have left.  This is an all natural perfume, smell great.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


The first thing to remember is not to leave braids in for more than 4-6 weeks,  secondly educate your clients that tighter is not better.  Braiding hair too tight and keeping braids in too long will damage your natural hair.  Now, let's talk about how to care for braids with extensions.   Most people do not want to wash their hair while they have braids because they believe that it will fizz up,  however, washing and conditioning your hair two weeks after you get your braids will help eliminate dryness and  help to keep your hair follicles strong.  If you are concern with hair frizzing,  wear a stocking cap or wig cap for thirty minutes to lay down the hair,  make sure the cap that you use is breathable.
Applying a small amount to the scalp daily will also help to keep hair follicles from looking dry, dull, and lifeless and will keep your hair from thinning when the braids are removed.  There are a lot of strong ladies coming out allowing you to see what happens when you don't take care of your hair. Letting someone braid your hair too tight because you want it to last for two months is definitely a no,  or just leaving your hair in braids for 2 or 3 months to save money is definitely a no.  Braids are beautiful so let keep them looking beautiful and healthy by washing, and conditioning our hair.  You may not know this but products are another key factor in taking care of your hair,  so put good in to get good out.  

Note:  Our hair braiding school will start in a couple of months,  and we are here to teach you how to braid hair to prevent hair loss.   There is a technique to safe braiding.  If you have any question leave me a comment or email me at    Hair braiding is in our future and has been in our past for generations,  so it's not going anywhere,  so building safe braiding habits and natural hair care is a most.  
                                              Look at this picture,  the hair is braided too tight,
                                              so lets not do this.


Monday, August 1, 2016


I am so delighted that I can offer once again a back to school sale.  In my Esty store,  you will find something for everyone,  handbags, jewelry, soaps, health and beauty,  custom wigs, and more.  Take a look at what Shawzae has to offer.   We also offer custom products,  and remember all products are handcrafted with you win mind.   Visit us at

Friday, July 22, 2016

Natural Hair Care and Custom Wigs For The Fall Season

Fall and winter can be brutal to our natural hair,  creating dryness,  brittleness and thinning which will cause hair loss.   We also have some trending custom style wigs for the fall.   These custom wigs can help relieve tension on the natural hair.  I read a few days ago wigs are becoming the new extensions.  A lot of ladies are wearing wig now to relieve stress on their natural hair.  Here are some tips to caring for the natural hair,   because our skin gets so dry in the fall and winter,  the main thing to do with natural hair is to keep it clean and moist.   Jojoba oil is a powerful  remedy that has been used for hundreds of years, it has a powerful effect on hair growth.   Saw Palmetto is known to block  formation of dihydrotesterone which kills hormone that kill hair follicles.  Rosemary  with almond  or coconut oil is a great health provider for natural hair and scalp.  Eumi oil is another oil that is highly recommended  for the natural hair and scalp.   Remember the best way to take care of natural hair is to keep it clean and scalp moisturize.  For constant styles and color changes,  you may want to wear a custom wig to relieve the stress off the natural hair.

Monday, June 27, 2016


Shwzae for me has a new product line that we have been working on for a while,  and we look forward to bringing you these products in 2016.   We are working to bring the best in organic products  for men.   Men care about their skin as well as the women do,  and we are here to help them improve their skin care.   We want men to love their skin as much as we do.   The products will consist of soaps,  deodorant, lotion,  body wash,  and of course our fresh feet for men.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Customer service is one of the most important aspect of any business.   In business,  you will have problems occurring at time,  but it's what you do after the problem has occurred.  I was told once that it's not what happen,  but how you handle it afterwards  that matter to the customers.
Lets's talk about resourcing your hair,  I am a wig designer so I have to find the best quality hair that I can afford for my customers.   One of the things,  I discovered in this process is that some of the business owners do diminish the quality of hair for other business owners.   I make it my business to read review on other businesses to see what their customers are saying about their business and the quality of hair that they are getting from them.  I realized that no matter how much money you pay for custom wigs,  or regardless of how much people tend to market the products as the best,  sometime they fall short.   As a customer,  I am looking for quality hair for me, and my customers.  I want to pass onto them quality hair,  and affordability.   I personally will never pay over $250 for any type of hair no matter what the company say.   I will never charge my customer any more money than I would pay myself,  and I am going to tell you why.   One of the reasons are if you don't care for your hair it's going to go bad no matter how much money you paid.  Second reason is in the nape of your neck,  you going to sweat because you have the hair coming down your back,  which mean it's going to tangle.   Human hair gets tangle,  so if you are purchasing human hair,  then you should know that it's going to get tangle unless it is processed so that it doesn't which  mean that they have put something on the hair.   You should think of human hair as your own natural hair,  which get tangle and matted if not care for.   Third  reason is that company mislead you about human hair,  and the reasons that some hair don't work out for the customers is because the human hair it self may not be good quality hair,  even though  it's human hair.  A  business owner should know that these problems are going to occur,  and when it dose give the best customer service that is possible,  and don't overcharge for your products,  when you know that the products is not as you say,  or put down other business owners.   We should also remember that even when you do this there are some people that you just can't get through or help.

Friday, April 22, 2016


I am so excited about this new mobile service.  My decision to do a mobile service is based on several clients that inspired me.  I want to give this service to the ladies whom can't travel out, and for those who want a boutique and personal service.    There are a lot of complaints about the salons, and there services, so this is a great time to make a move on a mobile service.  People want to get away from salons that are noisy  and unprofessional at least that's what I am told.  I would recommend this service to all salons,  because it's also a way to expand your brand and services to different counties in your area without the overhead,  it's the prefect solution.   There are a couple of things that you will want to resolve before you start the mobile service,  and that's the distant you will cover,  and payment for services.   I recommend that you get a percentage of the payment for the services while booking the appointment,  because it ensures the commitment on both parties.  I also suggest that you make sure you can cover the locations by getting  a address to each client to make sure they are not two far out.   I am really excited about this new chapter.   We will be offering the service in North Carolina and Virginia.

For more information on this new mobile service email me at

Monday, April 4, 2016


Ladies,  we heard the calling for the $70 dollars sew in, and we are honor to serve you.   As you may know we were once Shaw Stylish Braiding Salon where we created beautiful braids and sew ins,  and caring for the natural hair.   We have always protected and cared for the natural hair and will continue to do so.   We are Shawzae Hair Studio where we create beautiful custom wigs where you can get us to customize them for you, or you can purchase one that we have already created.  However,  we have been getting some buzz about the sew ins,  so we have set up a place in the studio so that we can do the sew ins,  hooray.   We are also working on some other things that you are gong to love,  it's a secret now lol.   We will tell you later.   Remember we are doing the Spice Collection for 2016.  We have four wigs in our collection at this time,  and our goals are to have 12 wigs per collection.  We love you thank you.    Go to our website at  click on Book Online and click on The Beauty Salon for the sew in.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The wig restoration service is a good way to restore your old wig or hair extensions.  The restoration services offers more than shampooing and conditioning.   This is a great opportunity to get a fresh
color, or a new cut,  and definitely a great style.  You can book online,  this service is for everyone who want to ship their wig to us to service,  or drop it off to be serviced.  Go to

 I love working on your favorite wig and extensions,  and you are going to love the way it looks.
Call now and let me help you bring life to your favorite wig.

Monday, March 21, 2016


I love being able to create beauty,  and having to look through dozens of images and taking pictures to create this website to show you what we are all about , and it's just amazing.   Shawzae is a custom wig studio. We create and design custom units that are ready to ship from our boutique at,  and you can contact  us to create a  specific custom units for yourself.  Shawzae also offer wig restoration to make your wig look new again,  for this service you can book online.  We have listed on our website the services that we offer to restore your favorite wig or hair.   Take a look and give us a call or book on line go to while on our website click on shop to see if there is anything you may want,  maybe a new custom unit.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Ladies, regardless of the hair texture all hair need moisturizers unless you have an oily scalp.   A lot of women have dry hair,  including some men,  and could benefit from a great hair moisturizer.  I heard a lot of women,  even men complain about dull and dry hair.  If you have 4C hair,  it's especially  true because if you have kinker hair ( tightly coiled )   it is drier.  There are other ethnic  groups that have kinky hair other than Black Americans,  so this is why I say all hair texture.  When your hair is kinky or has kinks it is harder for your scalp natural oil to travel  down to the strands.   There are people with straight hair that has a dry scalp.  The hair patterns can help explain  why your hair has a very low shine.  When the hair is properly moisturize the hair is healthy.   There are  several great products on the market,  one thing you want to remember is the oils which are good sealant.  (1) Shea products,   (2) Olive oil products (3) Coconut oils products and (4)  Macadamia oil products because these are all natural oils and keep skin and hair moisturize.  I created a serum for the hair with coconut and olive oil mixed with Rosemary.   Rosemary is great for the hair in keeping it healthy,  so it makes for a great product.  You can mix and make your own natural moisturizer for your hair as I did.  Learn to love your natural hair.


Thursday, February 25, 2016


French clay is one of  nature's strongest antiseptic,  and it has strong inflammatory  properties.   
The clay stop the flow of blood and speed up the process of cellular  knitting  bringing tissues together for younger and healthy skin.  The clay also drawls out impurities and toxins of your system with deep cleansing.  The clay is very absorptive and has a long murals of heath benefits.  The clay can be applied externally,  and studies have shown it can be taken internally safe.   It is extremely safe,  it's from mother earth,  but use incorrectly could case a negative reaction. 

Note:   When using French clay for the first time you will notice the affected area become red or worse than it was,  before it gets better.   From my own experience this is true,  I use the French clay as a mask for years,  now I have made it into a bar of soap which you will find in Shawzae Boutique in cosmetic at    The process for the clay is normal.

The clay stimulate blood circulation which brings blood closer to the surface of the skin,  this main the clay is working to eliminate what it needs to flush from the body,  indicating that the process of healing has began.

Note:  No side effect but do not internally use if :

1   You suffer from high blood pressure,  kidney failure or intestinal issues,  or you have chronic constipation.  As stated early,  studies have shown that you can use this clay internally,  however,
we are promoting a French clay bar of soap for external use.

If you love clinque soap,  you are going to love this soap for deep cleansing and  a younger look.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Ladies,  we know that heat can damage our hair,  but did you know with the proper heat it can be beneficial.  I will say 250 to 350,  but it really depend on your hair texture and if it's has chemical in the hair.  The heat from a hooded dryer or steamer can benefit deep conditioner.   A plastic cap and hot towel can also benefit a deep conditioner.   The natural hair can benefit from heat before braids and extensions.  Heat help prevent matting and a lot of tangles.  When using the proper heat in your hair,  you will get to do more styles,  and they last longer.  Lean to love your natural hair and take care of it.   There all kinds of organic products that are great for the natural hair.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Ladies,  I am excited about these new units,  because they are going to be different than the other custom wigs I have made.   The different is that I will be putting additional special touches to these units,  such as coloring and highlights.    I decided to create some collections for my units,  and this will be the first collection.   In business,  I find that you have to continue evolving in your business to succeed.   The main thing about this business is that it don't feel like work  even though,  I am thinking about it all  the time or I am creating something.   Being in the hair business I know has made my mom happy in her resting place,   she loved and wore wigs all the time.   I am sure  she would be wearing one of my wigs if she was still here.   Love you mom.   When you have a business stay on it,  and don't forget to have fun with it.  

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Ladies, I know that you are aware of how great coconut oil is for skin and hair,  well coconut milk is just as great.  Here are a couple of recipes that you can make and use on a daily base for healthy hair.
Coconut oil and milk is free of chemicals that  lurks in commercial products.  According to  the Journal of Cosmetic Science,  coconut oils out preforms sunflower oil and is the only oil that reduce proteins. You can get most of these ingredients from the grocery store.   We are using real coconut milk and organic coconut oil.   Coconut milk helps hair growth,  fight off dandruff,  and tame frizz, as well as the oils,  and we are using them together. .

Recipes For Shampoo

I Cup of coconut milk........great for the hair
1/2 cup of coconut oil...... great for the hair
1/2 cup of rosemary oil......I just love this and it;s good for your hair
1 Cup of castle soap base......this will give you the lather you want
1/2 Emulsifying wax   ......this will keep your oils and coconut milk bind.

Recipes  For Conditioner

1 Cup of coconut milk
1/2 Organic Shea Butter
1/2 Organic  Coconut Oil
1/2 Emulsifying wax
2 tsp of Liquid Silk
Fragrant Oil

Th's is grantees to help improve your hair and it can be used on a dally base


Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I know that some of you ladies can relate when you have a favorite wig.   I love this wig and it's texture is like my natural hair, so I didn't want to get rid of it not just yet.   I apply our restoration service to my old wig and bought  it back to life.   This wig look amazing and smells so good,  so it makes changing  wigs more fun.   You can restore your old wig just as I did,  even if you don't have the products that I do.

Here are the process for restoration:

Inspect your wig first for any lose extensions,  then secure them.
Comb your wig well removing all tangles
Shampoo your wig allowing it to soak for about 15 minutes
I used a clarifying shampoo to remove all products from  the hair before shampooing
Make sure all the shampoo is out of the hair.  
Condition your wig allow 5 or 6 minutes for the condition to sit  
Make sure you rinse the hair well
Let drip dry
Comb your wig again thoroughly  removing any tangles
Apply a light oil before flat ironing,  I flat iron the whole wig before going back in
with the curing iron to style the wig.

All customers wigs get recapped,  I did not recap my wig  because I will be using the elastic band method to secure.   I hope this will help you in bring you old wig back to life.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


  I so love this lip balm.  Our vegan lip balm has a peppermint flavor which excites your lips.   We ladies spend a lot of time on our appearance especially when it come to our face.   Lipstick and lip balms are very important products to use.   As the weather and outside elements  changes so do our skin,  including our lips.   I have personally experience dry and chapped lips at time,  so creating an using this vegan lip balms is one of the best products that we have made.       

Friday, February 5, 2016

Vtimains You Can Take To Help Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is scary and an annoying thing,  and not always due to neglect.  Hair loss could be caused by a lot of things,  and it cold be as simple as a lack of vitamins.  The lack of vitamins C, causes thinning,  and is  needed because it promote the blood flow in the scalp,  and help produce oils to prevent breakage.  Iron is also needed to grow hair,  it help to produce new growth.  Biotin is also needed for hair, because it help hair grow and creates strength.   Vitamins D also help hair growth,  consult your doctor with starting a  vitamin D regimen.   Some other products that help prevent hair loss is Calcium,  Rosemary, Zinc and Coconut oil,  these are not vitamins but they do help with hair growth.   Stop worrying about hair loss and start preventing it,  when ever possible always use natural products,  avoid chemical in the hair especially if it's already thinning.   We have always been advocate for natural hair,  because we know to build anything you need that foundation.      

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Happy Valentine Day,  this is a great time to contact a soap maker and get in on all natural soaps for healthier skin.   Our skin is changing as the elements, and weather changes.  Adding chemical products to  your skin will create more damage in the long run.   We should consider what we are putting on our skin,  as we are concern for what we put into our bodies.   People are growing their own foods so that they can eat naturally healthy food,  so do your skin  a favor find a soap maker or start creating your own soaps and live a happier life,  and have a happy Valentine Day.    

Thursday, January 28, 2016


This is such a great time to start creating your brand,  getting products and your name out there because the world is ready for all new things.   We have a lot of digital products,  health  and beauty products coming out,  it 's endless.   We are also coming out with our vegan lipstick line,  and we are adding  lip balms.   The most excited thing about coming out with new products is creating them.  I love crafting,  this is fun time.   Crafting is also educational because you learn about the products that you are crafting to brand and sell it.   As a wig designer,  it's about creating and styling,  and this year it's about putting your personal touches on the creation such as coloring, and  cutting.

Monday, January 25, 2016


This is a fabulous time for you to learn to make custom wigs for yourself or a friend.  We have so many custom wig designers out there that do such a great job in making wigs.  The fact that we do have so many wig designers,  how do you know who to go to,  or what set the designers apart.  Most designers know how to color, cut and style their wigs,  it's about making your signature.   I will also
be improving on my signature touches by offering more color,  and cuts on my designers wigs.  It is really an important part of making custom wigs,  because most of the time when you order your human hair,  they usually have two colors 1B or natural which is black,  which is not the color you are looking for at the time.  We are stepping it up ladies for you,  because custom wigs are trending,  and not going anywhere so stay tuned in.

I will be giving Beverly,  my new custom wig an overhaul cutting her down to a 10 inch bob.  I really have a ache in heart for doing this,  but I believe she will be more beautiful and stylish shorter.
New video will be out soon,  stay tuned.  See all of our wigs on  visit our website at book an appointment to get a custom wig made,  or revamp your old wig or extensions.

   Watch new video and see my cutting style and see Beverly turn into a beautiful bob. 

Monday, January 18, 2016


I decided to do a custom braided wig a couple of months ago after a customer had asked me about a Marley braided wig.  I wasn't sure that I would be able to do it,  because a braided wig would be a little more challenge than braiding someone hair.   I believe that the parting would be the issue.  I set a goal for myself to make the wig,  and I did.   Although I worked on the wig for several days,  it actually took me about 10 hours, maybe a little longer.    This is my first custom braided wig,  and it looks great.  

The important factors of this wig is that it's going to save your natural hair.   The women that normally get their hair braided know the issues with braided hair.   Braiding hair is damaging to the natural hair because it's usually braided to tight  which cause your hair to thin,  and sometime it's braided so tight the hair come out of the root,  and it doesn't grow  back .   I believe with the braided wig,  you can enjoy the braids without the damage from the natural hair.   The wig is comfortable although a little heavy,  which is why braids also damage the natural hair by pulling on the natural hair.    The braided wig will prevent that,  and you can remove it when you are tired of the braids,  instead of sitting for hours while someone take them out.      So hooray for braided wigs.    

Sunday, January 10, 2016


This is going to be a good year,  and I want everyone to say and believe that.   I believe that it will be an exciting here for Shawzae,  and I want to share it with you.   We have a new line of  all natural cosmetics coming out this year.   We also have a new line of vegan lipstick that is coming in February,   I have experience dry and chap lips with the lipsticks I used.    I have used expensive and low cost lipsticks with the same results,  dry and chap lips.   I use to sell Mary Kay,  so you know that lipstick wasn't  cheap lol.   I created some all natural balms to help with this issue,  I could actually peel skin off my lips,  which wasn't good lol.   I believe these vegan lipsticks are going to help me with that,  keeping my lips  moist.  

We have update our website to bring in some of the things we are doing,  so go check it out.  I will try to post on this website more so hold me to it lol.

Shop  Vegan lipstick in 6 shades go to http://www,

Monday, January 4, 2016


Happy New Year.   I want to talk to you just a little about nail care, and I know that the only thing matter to some of you is the nail extensions,  and that's ok.   We need to think about our health care more in the 2016.   I just heard on the news a few days ago there were a health issue with nail polishes.    The most important thing in nail care is the cuticle and nail bed,  because the nails grow out through healthy cuticles.   If the cuticle become damage there is a chance that the nail bed will
become damaged as well.   Although,  you may wear nail extensions , take care of your natural nails,  get manicures  so your cuticles can be pulled back and trimmed.    You also need to use a cuticle treatment that will help your cuticles stay soft and allow your nail to grow.   If you do not get nail services often,  you can still take care of your nails,  pull the cuticle back,  trim them,  and rub cuticle treatment on each nail at least every other week.