Sunday, October 9, 2016


This is an amazing time for Shawzae,  because we are not just in the hair business, we also create other crafty products such as health and beauty, cosmetic, jewelry and perfumes.  Perfumes are something new that we are trying out,  and the first perfume that was created was great.  We got some good responses from the ladies that have received this perfume as a free gift.   We gave away over twenty bottles to get some feedback as to the smell,  how long it last, so that we can produce more perfumes.  The feedback was great, the only problem we encounter was that the bottles leaked when they were in the handbags.  We used the roll on bottles,  and for some reason if you put the bottles in your purse, they leak,, so you will end up with one great smelling handbag.  Watch the video on how I made this great smelling perfume.
Shop with us at http//   We will be changing the bottles for the next bash of perfumes,  but you can still purchase some of the perfumes we have left.  This is an all natural perfume, smell great.

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