Friday, April 22, 2016


I am so excited about this new mobile service.  My decision to do a mobile service is based on several clients that inspired me.  I want to give this service to the ladies whom can't travel out, and for those who want a boutique and personal service.    There are a lot of complaints about the salons, and there services, so this is a great time to make a move on a mobile service.  People want to get away from salons that are noisy  and unprofessional at least that's what I am told.  I would recommend this service to all salons,  because it's also a way to expand your brand and services to different counties in your area without the overhead,  it's the prefect solution.   There are a couple of things that you will want to resolve before you start the mobile service,  and that's the distant you will cover,  and payment for services.   I recommend that you get a percentage of the payment for the services while booking the appointment,  because it ensures the commitment on both parties.  I also suggest that you make sure you can cover the locations by getting  a address to each client to make sure they are not two far out.   I am really excited about this new chapter.   We will be offering the service in North Carolina and Virginia.

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