Friday, January 31, 2014


I am so excited to have this conversation due to the countless questions that I received on this subject. When you set up an in home salon,  you have to remember that their are state laws,  and your house rules and laws that applies.   An in home salon is actually a old tradition, it's social meet beauty.   The most important thing
or one of the most important thing to  remember is cleanness,  this is as equal important as the traditional salons.   Remember no one wants to come to a dirty salon,  and especially a dirty house.    When operating a in home salon,  you should keep to the same rules having adequate supplies,  products,  equipment, and so on, so that your clients can get top notch service.     A  lot of people like that personal touch and details
that a in home stylist give to them and their hair.   They like the quality of care that they get from the stylist.
A lot of traditional salons now ask you not to bring your children to the salon because of the distraction      
that will interfere with the service.   When operating an in home salon,  you will want to create that
same vibe, even if you have children.    Having children in a salon is a common complaint from a lot of salons and stylist.   In home salons are growing because of the professionalism of the stylist, the service,  the calm and friendly atmosphere,  so listen up America, if you have not been to a in home salon you do not
have to be afraid.   You will receive professional and personal service to the detail of your hair.   I just
thought you would like to know that you can get professional service in home salons.   When you are looking for a salon check out both traditional and home to see which one that will fit you the best.

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