Friday, January 10, 2014


I am a herbalist stylist and above all I believe in healthy hair.   As a stylist,  you will run into all
types of people with all types of hair.   A stylist may or may not tell you something you  want or don't want to hear.  I did do some research on this and here are 10 things,  I thought may be worth

1.  If you can't afford to wear human hair extension,  don't wear synthetic.  Synthetic hair extensions
damages your natural hair.

2.  Always wash and condition your hair before a sew in,  the key is condition, condition.  You want to give your hair as much moisture as you can because the extensions are going to take a lot of
moisture from natural hair.

3.  Bond in really damages your hair more than you know.

4.  Don't let anyone braid your hair so tight it hurts,  sew ins are suppose to be comfortable not
painful,  actually all your hair styles and treatments should be comfortable.  Hair braided to tight will damage your hair,  and if they are braided to tight at the edges,  you are going to lose your hair.

5.  Wash your weave, if you are going to wear your weave again, and again.  They do have a
dry shampoo that you can use to wash your weave while your are wearing I called Herbal Cleanse
Dry Shampoo.

6.  Don't put heavy oils on your weave, because the oil make your weave heavy and put stress on
your natural hair.

7.  Don't use a lot of heat on your weave,  you can use heat on your human hair extensions,  but just  
like your natural hair high heat can be dangerous.  The less stress to your weave,  then their will be less stress to the natural hair.

8.  You should always oil edges and scalp without putting the oil on your weave.

9.  Take a break,  there are other styles that can keep your hair healthy.  If you wear long
extensions,  take a break by wearing short extension to take some of the stress off the natural

10.   We have a lot of home salons,  and you don't have to feel uncomfortable going to these salons,
because every stylist value their reputation.   If you are going to a home salons simply ask
questions to get all the information you need before you get there,  if you still feel uncomfortable
or not sure don't go.  Simple.

I hope these tips will have you to move forward in the 2014 and help you take better care
of your hair.


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