Monday, February 3, 2014


I am just like every other woman,  I like color.  How do we keep our hair healthy with having color  treatred hair?  I will tell you what we do at Shawzae.   There are a lot of  information on this subject,  and a lot of products.  Study has shown  today that a lot of products on the market strips your hair of its healthy oils and more,  so be careful  of the products you get to help your hair,  because it may in fact damage your hair.  There are also organic hair colors  that we can use to help us stop using so much chemicals. Organic products are expensive for a lot of us.  Shawzae Hair Studio is an organic  salon,  however, we do color hair here at the salon.   The brand we use is Clairol which are ammonia free.  I believe this is the only product  that we use that has little chemicals,  so I take extra care of clients and myself when using this product.   We create  some of the products we use,  because we know whats in the indigent. We only put in what works to  give our clients healthy hair.    Our herbal treatment for color treated hair is something that you can make at home.   The recipe will be at the bottom.    One of the most important things you want to remember with  color treated hair is that your hair dries out fast which cause dry and brittle hair, then breakage, so  you want to keep your hair and scalp moist at all time by using products that are going to do that without  weighing your hair down making it feel heavy.  

Shawzae Herbal Oil Treatment for color treated hair.
4 oz Cup
1 Cup of Shea butter
1/2 Cup of Olive Oil
1/2 Cup of jojoba  Oil
1/2 Cup of Coconut Oil
1/4 Cup of Emulsifying Wax
Heat the wax and stir with the oils,  then let it sit to harden.   Massage into the scalp and pull through
the follicles

This treatment is a prefect balance of moisture for your scalp and hair to keep it from drying out, and  breakage.   These ingredient are not expensive,  and will last you far longer than any store product that you will buy,  and definitely more healthy for your hair.

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