Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hi Ladies, it's a lot of information out there about rosemary for your hair, but I am going to keep it simple.  It's time to get natural, avoid chemicals and all of that toxic in our hair.  Rosemary is a common herb, it's needle like,  and in my opinion it smells earthy.  I love that smell.   Rosemary is easy accessible and available at grocery stores, and online.   You can order it dry or as an oil,  online and off,  again easy accessible.  This plant is unbelievably great for our hair,  it stimulate and improve circulation to the scalp which will encourage your hair to grow,  it's antibacterial so it really clean your hair and scalp to make it healthy,  it improves the shine and softness of your hair,  it fight off premature gray,  it relieves your hair of dryness, flacks, and prevent dandruff.  There are so many ways  you can create hair product using this plant.   I created a rosemary rinse and rosemary oil to use in my herbal hair treatment.  I use this in my hair and clients.  I use a lot of rosemary, so I planted some in my garden, and other times I will order it from mountain rose.  I always use the dry herb.   I will share with you how I make and create my hair products using rosemary in my next video.    


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