Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We love extensions,  because you can get the look you want, and the length,  but you do have to take
care of your natural hair.   Ladies, you can still have healthy natural hair when wearing extensions.
You have to put in the time to have healthy hair.   We need to make sure our hair is in good shape before adding the extensions.   Here are a few things you can do,  take a break from chemicals that
will weaken your hair to avoid breakage.  Make sure your hair is well condition and add a moisturizer  before adding extensions,  this will avoid drying, flaking, and itching.  If your hair began to itch wash with a shampoo that have ingredient for itching, and if you continue to itch or flake there may be another problem.  There are several problems with wearing extensions that's common today, one problem is braided too tight,  another problem is that the hair is left in too long.  When getting your hair done,  it should never be in pain.   These problems put a lot of tension on the follicles  which makes your hair fall out.   This could contribute to permanent hair loss.   There  are  several
thing you can do to avoid this, make sure that your hair is never braided too tight,  keep your hair clean and moisturized,  don't wear extensions over 6 weeks, and be gentle when taking your
extensions out.  Remember it won't hurt to give your hair a break.  This is helpful information that I thought you may like to get for your healthy hair.

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