Monday, July 21, 2014


Ladies I can barely breath,  I am so excited to tell you about this wonderful hair that I
discover from the house of beautiful hair.   I know that some of you ladies know about this hair.
I have been researching hair to retail to my clients and this hair is wonderful.  I have checked out
the reviews, all good.   I signed up and purchase some and love it.  This hair will last up to 12 to
16 months,  so this is  a great investment.   Now let me stop there,  because I know that a lot
of ladies don't want the same hair for a year or more,  they want something new.   Don't get rid
of this hair,  put it up until you want to wear it again.   When you are ready to wear this hair again,
I will make it look new again,  this is really great hair.  For more information call 954-612-1982
check out and check out our web as  I will include this hair on my website,  so be patient with
me there.  Place your orders now.


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