Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The hair is complex, but we love our hair, not the frizz.  Hair is made of three layers  and thousands of cells, and the reason it get frizzy is simple.  The outer layer, the cuticle that look like a shingle
roof.  When hair is smooth those shingle lie flat, however, when  you run a brush through dry hair those shingle lift.  So how do we keep our hair from frizzing,  the expert says (1) not to brush your hair  because it disrupt the hair cuticle (2)  comb dry hair with wet fingers,  wetting your hands then fingers comb your hair  tackles frizz and tame tangle (3)tame with a touch of conditioner (4)  look for protein in your condition (5) don't over process your hair (6) stop cooking your curls (8) dry only
the root of your hair (9) absolutely no alcohol.   There are so many oils now for all types of hair
getting rid of the frizz is easy.


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