Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Braiding someone hair is such an easy and awesome thing,  We can create so many wonderful styles and we do, not to mention, the style last for at least two months.  I would not go any longer than
that with braids. We never think to ask ourselves, are we braiding the persons hair safety.  When braiding someone hair,  make sure you don't braid their hair so tight that they actually have a head ache,  or they lose hair from the scalp when taken it out,  or they loose hair around the edges and become bald.   Another thing to help the person that your are braiding hair,  give them tips in keeping their hair maintain after you braids it.  Watch my video when I show you how to braid hair around the edges without pinching too tight,  and being able to braid 24 inch hair without pulling,  so lets keep our people hair safe from damage when braiding.   Don't allow someone to braid your hair that tight because you think it will stay in longer,  because it won't and you need to take the braids out within two month to continue healthy hair. 


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