Saturday, March 15, 2014


As a herbalist I work with natural products, and get the benefits of nature.  We like the idea of using natural products on our clients hair and our own.    We are all about promoting healthy hair,  one
of the things that we are doing as a herbalist is creating treatment that will work for our clients.
We want to prevent hair loss,  and other hair disorders.  Having a  hair disorder can be devastating to anyone that is going through it,  and one of the things we do that traditional stylist don't is to
diagnose the head/hair disorder. We also recommend other healthcare specialist to our clients with certain disorders.   In some of our other blogs we will share some of the treatments
that we use.   I have shared some of our natural products in our blogs so that you can have
healthy hair.   Remember when you have a hair disorder,  you need more than natural products, because hair disorder is different from regular hair issues. Regular hair  issues could lead to other symptom for a hair disorder.  Natural products will help you to get healthy hair.   In our next blog we will share with you how to determine scalp psoriasis, and how we use goat milk to treat this hair disorder.  Goat milk is very popular aid in hair disorder treatment.


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