Thursday, September 11, 2014


This is a great subject for the young ladies that are pregnant and want this information.   There are evident that suggest that its probably safe to dye your hair during pregnancy.   The OTIS provides information on potential risk and says  that animal studies  are reassuring, and that there are no reports that dye causes changes in human pregnancies.  If you are still concern consider waiting to color your hair until second trimester.   Vegetable dyes are a good alternative which I recommend.  You should always check the ingredients.   Pure Henna is a semi color vegetable dyes that has been
used for thousands of years,  however,  it's messy and it has to stay on longer,  but is consider safe.It is important for women to feel good about themselves during this time.  You can also use a pop of color through extensions during pregnancy.   This will help you to stop being so emotional about color and color changes.   Look great feel good.


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