Friday, November 9, 2012


As a woman appearance plays a major role in our life, especially our hair.  We spend the big bucks for all kinds of styles and color, and in the process neglect the healthy hair regimen.   We have in the past use too much heat, chemical and all the wrong products which left our hair damage damage damage.   A lot of ladies in spite of the damage has not look back at their hair to get help,  but a lot of ladies have and decided to go natural.   What do NATURAL MEAN?  It mean that they have decided to stay away from chemical, and heat.   Shaw's Stylish Braiding Salon offers these ladies the way to have the hair they want,  even if they want straight hair, curly hair,  it all can be done without chemicals.  We have research all organic oils that will benefit the natural hair,  and we have a treatment using each oil for each hair problem.     We will have a list of oils listed below so that it could help you to know what oil you need.