Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This is one of my favorite subject talking about haircare treatments.   I am just like everyone else who spent years damaging my hair, because I did not know how to care for  my hair.   When I took the nail tech course, I seriously started doing research on nails and hair.   I made a lot of mistakes with my hair and my kids hair,  but through research and education I learned how to love my hair and to keep it healthy.  I also learned about haircare treatment from nature.  I know you know what I mean,  sometime its as simple as looking in your cabinet for an old remedied.   Home remedies were good back in the days, and they are still good,  but you need calculations now to go with knowledge.  You need to know what type of hair you have, and  determine your haircare problems.  Once you know what the problems are,  then you can determine what you need,  and calculate how much you will need.   It can also be calculated when you need it, or at least the professional hair care stylist can determine all of this for you.

Hair Care Treatments:

  Oil Treatments

a. Olive Oil
b. Almond Oil
c. Peppermint Oil
d. Coconut Oil
e. Castor Oil and few more

Milky Hair Treatments:

a. Coconut Milk
b. Almond Milk
c. Cow Milk and a few more

These treatments are food for the hair and skin.   These treatments has been proven over the course of time and by science.   As a stylist it is so important for you to help your clients keep their hair by any means possible.  It has been reported that men and women alike are losing their hair for several reasons.   So we suggest that you have a consultation with your doctor and stylist.

Get help now with your hair  stop by for a consultation.