Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I am excited this is just one more good thing for Shawzae and Shaw Herbal Healing Garden to be affiliates of Mountain Rose Herbs.  I am a herbalist stylist,  and I have been working on hair care products for the past two years.  Our new 2015 hair repair kit has been placed on the market.  These are proven hair care treatment that works with all organic ingredients.   Our new affiliation with Mountain Rose Herbs will help us to offer certified organic products to our clients.   This is another way to help our clients to live a wellness life.   As a Certified Herbalist,  I can help you get the right herbal products that will help you .   As a Herbalist Stylist,  it is my passion to help you save your natural hair from thinning,  or breaking causing hair loss.  Lets go into 2015 to live a wellness life,  a wellness life also include having healthy hair.   Click on any of the Mountain Rose Herb logo to browse their website,  and enjoy the great products they offer.

Monday, December 1, 2014


Shawzae Hair Studio has created the new 2015 hair repair kit.  This hair repair kit is for all type hair.   We have worked on this products for the past two years,  using it on our clients hair to help them with hair loss.   These products will also help in the re growth of your hair.   These  products have proven to work bringing back healthy hair,  and now we want to share them with you.   We know that we can't treat everyone ourselves,  so we hope these products will reach you instead to bring back your healthy hair.  You can purchase these products on our ebid store  at and always check us out at