Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Rosemary is a great treatment for your hair, and it work even better when you use it as  a hot oil treatment.  Message the oil into the scalp,  giving your scalp a 5 minute message,  then wrap it in a warm towel.  Some people will do this at two separate times or have a different procedure all together .  You  can also mix rosemary into your shampoos, and other hair care products.  The rosemary rinse is one of my favorite, because it's left in the hair.  You can also add rosemary to your tea, especially green tea.  Green tea has so much antioxidant which fight free radicals.  Rosemary is  proven  to work to help stop hair loss, and it's inexpensive,  not to mention,  we can grow our own rosemary.