Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Shawzae Boutique is unique, and the items that are offered has been in our hearts and soul for over a decade.   All items are handcrafted with love,  and patience so we can offer to you our best.  If you have visited our store,  you would have seen that some departments are bare,  however,  that will be changing soon.   The herbal department has been a special project of mines,  and it will be restocked first, because as an herbalist I know that I am needed,  therefore I still need to fill that role.  I use to refer to myself as a herbalist stylist in my videos,  I still do.  I will remain true to myself and give you everything I have in me to give.   I am a creative soul so I try to mix it up and make the things  that I have made for over a decade.  I appreciate all of your support.  Check out our new Herbal Department at

Please contact me for any herbs that you may want if we don't have them,  and for questions on any herbs listed in our store.