Friday, April 22, 2016


I am so excited about this new mobile service.  My decision to do a mobile service is based on several clients that inspired me.  I want to give this service to the ladies whom can't travel out, and for those who want a boutique and personal service.    There are a lot of complaints about the salons, and there services, so this is a great time to make a move on a mobile service.  People want to get away from salons that are noisy  and unprofessional at least that's what I am told.  I would recommend this service to all salons,  because it's also a way to expand your brand and services to different counties in your area without the overhead,  it's the prefect solution.   There are a couple of things that you will want to resolve before you start the mobile service,  and that's the distant you will cover,  and payment for services.   I recommend that you get a percentage of the payment for the services while booking the appointment,  because it ensures the commitment on both parties.  I also suggest that you make sure you can cover the locations by getting  a address to each client to make sure they are not two far out.   I am really excited about this new chapter.   We will be offering the service in North Carolina and Virginia.

For more information on this new mobile service email me at

Monday, April 4, 2016


Ladies,  we heard the calling for the $70 dollars sew in, and we are honor to serve you.   As you may know we were once Shaw Stylish Braiding Salon where we created beautiful braids and sew ins,  and caring for the natural hair.   We have always protected and cared for the natural hair and will continue to do so.   We are Shawzae Hair Studio where we create beautiful custom wigs where you can get us to customize them for you, or you can purchase one that we have already created.  However,  we have been getting some buzz about the sew ins,  so we have set up a place in the studio so that we can do the sew ins,  hooray.   We are also working on some other things that you are gong to love,  it's a secret now lol.   We will tell you later.   Remember we are doing the Spice Collection for 2016.  We have four wigs in our collection at this time,  and our goals are to have 12 wigs per collection.  We love you thank you.    Go to our website at  click on Book Online and click on The Beauty Salon for the sew in.