Thursday, April 12, 2018

What You Should Know About The Different Texture Of Hair

I have been in the hair business for about ten years now,  so I have been around a lot of hair.   I am a wig designer also known as a wigologist.   When you work with hair,  you get to know the hair textures,  and rather it's good or not.    Being a wig designer or a hair extension specialist is different from someone who is purchasing the wig or extensions.    The buyer will feel the softness of the hair and see the beauty of the hair,  which is how most buyers purchase their extensions or wigs.    There are things they don't consider when purchasing human hair,  human hair mix,  synthetic premium hair, and synthetic hair.   Here are the things you need to consider and know about the hair:

1  Human hair is high maintenance,  and you should care for it just as you do your own hair.  Buyers can establish human hair by burning a small piece,  it should turn into ashes.   Buyers should also consider the upkeep of human hair,  again is the same you would do with your own natural hair.
2   Human hair mix is a great alternative to purchasing human hair,  it is not as high maintenance as human hair.    Buyers should purchase this hair if you don't want to be responsible for a lot of upkeep on the hair.   This type of hair should last up to 6 months with proper care.   You can find this hair in all different texture just as the human hair.
3   Synthetic premium hair is a good choice if you want the least amount of upkeep on your hair,  although synthetic premium hair can last you a while with proper care.   This hair do hold heat well,  and of course you can shampoo and condition this hair.   The care of this hair will help you to wear this hair a little longer,  maybe for a couple of months.    This hair also come in various textures and color.
4   Synthetic hair is a good idea to have if you want even less upkeep,  and you like to change your style,  color and length.   You simply get rid of the hair and purchase other hair and go.   This hair has really no upkeep because it is changed so frequently. 

These are the things you want to consider when purchasing wigs, and extensions.   You want to consider the maintenance of the hair.   When purchasing human hair,  you are investing in something that is going to last,  and the same go for human hair mix.   At Shawzae,  we create wigs from human hair and human hair mix.   We also tell you how to care for the hair,  and we also offer wig care for your hair.   Check out our other hair educational blogs on our website at


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