Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Handbags and hair are two things that I am passionate about,  so when I decided to go back and
sell handbags out of the salon,  it just made me happy.   For me and a lot of handbag lovers, it doesn't really have to be branded,  but they have to be beautiful and made of high quality, and if that's what
you are looking for check out our video.   We do have some brands such as Nine West, Gucci,  and a few other name brand  handbags,  but one of the things for sure,  you can always count on us for is high quality and beauty.  So check it out:     


There are so much information about for caring for natural hair and  for black hair, so I decided to add a few thing to the list.   As an herbalist stylist it is all about promoting hair care for  me,  but I love the trending styles,  and like all ladies I look at magazine and everything else to find them.  I
also find a lot of information on natural hair care. I do a lot of research on hair care to find way to create products that can achieve what I want for myself and clients.   As a herbalist, I create a lot of product to help damage hair.   I care about what go into my hair,  so it's all about the ingredients for me,  and of course I want it to smell good.  I am usually asked how often I should wash my hair?   My answer is at least once a week,  we as African American need to attain moisture in our hair.
The best way for black hair to be dry and straighten is with a blow dryer with the comb attached.  I always use a blow dryer if I don't let my hair drip dry.  I was asked about how long
you should wear your weave,  there are a bit of debate about it because some people would say
3 months but I say 2 months.   I also say if you see a problem occurring while wearing your extensions or with your hair being braided continuously, change it.   The reason is that when you wear extensions, and braids continuously it thins your hair.   One way to avoid this is to go in a different direction  with your hair,  you don't have to style your hair the same each time. 
I know that one of the reasons why braids are so popular in Florida is because of the heat and humidity, but you don't have  to wear braids all the time or wear the same style.   I encourage ladies to do something different with you natural hair, find a style that you will love of course.   The main thing is to take care of your natural hair regardless of style.   Don't force yourself to wearing wigs to cover up your hair because of damage.   Love your hair, we do.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Ladies, I love extensions, and I know you do also,  so why do we love extensions?  Extensions give us so many choices for our image.  We can choose different colors,  and length,  not to mention the styles that we can create.   The great things about extensions are we don't have to damage our natural hair to get these colors, length, or styles.    I love wearing extensions,  I may go from 22 inches to 12inches in a week,  love.  A lot of ladies love to change their hair color often,  I don't recommend
using a lot of chemicals for perms or coloring your hair,  it will damage the hair,  and sometimes you can't come back from the damage,  so get some extensions and save your natural hair.  A sample of going from brown to red within hours,  love that color.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The hair is complex, but we love our hair, not the frizz.  Hair is made of three layers  and thousands of cells, and the reason it get frizzy is simple.  The outer layer, the cuticle that look like a shingle
roof.  When hair is smooth those shingle lie flat, however, when  you run a brush through dry hair those shingle lift.  So how do we keep our hair from frizzing,  the expert says (1) not to brush your hair  because it disrupt the hair cuticle (2)  comb dry hair with wet fingers,  wetting your hands then fingers comb your hair  tackles frizz and tame tangle (3)tame with a touch of conditioner (4)  look for protein in your condition (5) don't over process your hair (6) stop cooking your curls (8) dry only
the root of your hair (9) absolutely no alcohol.   There are so many oils now for all types of hair
getting rid of the frizz is easy.