Monday, June 22, 2015


At Shaw's Wigs,  we are hoping to make a different in the way you wear wigs.   We are obsessed with caring for the natural hair rather you wear wigs, extension, braids and other.    The natural hair comes first,  and we have expressed that so many times.   We have created products for the natural hair,  and try to start a fund to help women who have alopecia and other hair and scalp problem.    We have started Shaw Wigs with using the lightness wig cap possible for comfort and to ensure air get to the scalp to help aid hair follicles and scalp.   I love wearing wigs, and extensions but I want to keep my hair and scalp healthy, and that's what we are doing with our wigs,  making them to help keep your hair follicles and scalp healthy and happy. 

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We have started off with a few wigs,  but will continue stocking the store with more wigs.  These are hand stitched wigs that will offer you comfort and beauty and a healthy scalp.   This is Rene (Zury ) Remy 16 inches Vanilla Blond  Human Hair Material wafting for you.


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