Tuesday, August 18, 2015


The natural hair truly get abused while wearing  extensions, and sometimes wearing wigs.  Ladies,  we want to stop the abuse,  because wigs and weave are here to stay.  Hair is a trillion dollar business industry,  but nothing is as important as your natural hair.  The main thing to remember when wearing wigs,  remove them regularly,  so that you can wash and condition your natural hair on a regular bases.   For wearing extensions make sure your natural hair is treated and condition before applying the extensions,  because it will be a while before you remove the hair.  I believe that sew ins are the most healthiest way to wear extensions,   but it depends on what you believe.  The most important thing is not to damage your natural hair in the process.  While wearing hair extension the hair tends to dry out quickly, so keep your scalp moisturize and that is going to be a  journey while wearing extensions.   For ladies that wear wigs avoid  nylon caps because it absorbs moisture which could cause drying of the natural hair.   Make sure your cap is light and comfortable. Wearing wigs is also a good way for natural hair to grow.  By following this few steps will make wearing wigs and extensions healthier for natural hair.  

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