Saturday, October 17, 2015

Meet Denise Remi Human Hair Blend 14 Inches with Adjustable Strap

I am so excited to share my new wig Denise with you,  this is going to be something that I am inspired to do to keep you updated,, because  my wigs are not just stitched together,  I have a purpose.  I want my wigs to aid natural hair.  I know that I am not alone anymore preaching about natural hair in-spite of  wearing extensions or wigs. The natural hair has to be care for first.  Denise is very curly, very soft and has a high premium quality.  Denise was created on a light cap, breathable material for natural hair, and has beautiful highlights.  She is a full wig no thinning anywhere, the destiny of this hair is great.  This hair will also last you up to 4 months with proper care.  The products should be good quality,  the same as you use on your own hair.   This wig can be sew in or just worn when you need it,  so get your hair prepped ready for Denise.  Wearing wigs   aid natural hair to grow, because you don't have to keep the wig on for long period,  it can be removed frequently to care for natural hair.  

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