Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sasha New Custom Wig Is The New Girl On The Block with Balayage Ombre

The new custom wig is very hot with the new trend of Balayage color.  My favorite colorist is Guy Tang.  I love the way he dose the Balayage colors.  I want to support the trends by looking for hair
that fit in with the trend setting.  Sasha meet all of the features for a style that meet the trends of color.  As we look around,  we see all kind of colors today on ladies,  setting the trend for the color seasons.  I love the color of reddish brown,  I will have to try that one day,  not anytime soon.   This fall we will be brining out  custom wig with the new fall color.  For more information on this custom wig and others go to   This is a 100% Human Hair Blend Custom Wig 22 Inches.


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