Thursday, November 5, 2015


I am so excited about this post,  because it's a requested post. A lot of ladies want to learn about  how to care for wigs.   I want to first start out with the quality of care starts with the quality of the hair.  As you may or may not know,  they are making high quality premium synthetic hair,  that holds heat,  and equal to the premium human hair blend.  I am going to start here,  when caring for synthetic hair,  it's not a lot to do other than wash and condition it,  because it's not going to last long.  The regular synthetic hair is basically just trashed,  most ladies will just purchase more hair.   Synthetic premium heat resistance hair will last you a longer time frame than regular synthetic hair.  The maintenance on synthetic premium  heat resistance  hair is the same as human hair blend.   Wash your hair in lukewarm water,  use mild shampoo,  and you also wash your hair in an up and down motion.   The washing in an up and down motion help prevent tangles.   You will also want to apply a good conditioner,  rinse well,  pat dry with a towel, and let air dry.  When your hair is completely dry,  apply a little oil sheen to freshen the look while styling your hair.  Always follow the instruction you are given,  because when you buy a wig from a wig designers,  they are going to give you the manufactures instruction.  This information refers to human hair,  human hair blend,  and synthetic heat resistance hair.  These types of  hair will last you a long time with the proper care, and they can also take coloring as well as the heat.   A lot of ladies are wearing wigs now to give their natural hair a break,  and to help the natural hair to grow.   A lot of these custom wigs  don't look like wigs, so they are easy to wear with the invisible part.  So buy you a nice fresh wig for the holidays,  there will be a lot of sales out there starting  with us.  For more information on our wigs go to   and to see our full wig collection go to    We are going to start a Red Tag Sale on November 15th.

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