Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Commerical Wigs v. Custom Wigs You Be The Judge

I love extensions, and wigs.  My mother was a true lover of wigs.   I believe that's probably why I love them as well.  I have worn the lower extensions and wig to the higher extensions and wigs.    I can tell you it is a big different,  because a lot of commercial wigs on the lower side looks fake,  and are usually rather thin in destiny.  Custom wigs are usually full and volumes,  now I am not saying that it's like that for all wigs. The quality of your wig starts with the hair and of course the wig cap make a big statement in custom wigs.  Most custom wig designers try to use a cap that fits small to large heads,  and sometimes that doesn't work.    I had some bad experiences with caps when I first started making wigs,  but as you move on,  things improve.   The key to getting a good wig is to select the quality of hair on the cap,  because if the hair is good,  you will be able to wear the wig for more than 4 weeks.   Spandex wig caps are used popular with ladies making wigs for themselves,  but I would rather make a wig for someone else on a net cap,  to ensue air to their natural hair.  You be the judge commercial or custom.

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