Friday, December 4, 2015


We all want that amazing look on the holidays,  when we meet up with family, and friends that we haven't seen in years.   We have aged,  and our hair has thinned out,  so we are left with the fear of looking worst than we are.    A lot of ladies with thin hair or alopecia still find ways to wear extensions,  it's amazing.   I see it a lot on YouTube,  however,  it's not something I would recommend to these ladies.   I believe that a custom wig would be a better fit for two reasons (1)  a wig can be removed easy to take care of the natural hair (2)  corn rows for extensions are not the best move for already thin hair.   When you braid/corn row someone hair for extensions,  you will be putting pressure to there already damage hair.   I feel bad for some of the ladies because you can actually see the pressure that is put on their hair preparing it for extensions.  When you wear a wig,  you will also wear braids/corn rows with less pressure.  I suggest whatever style you choose make sure you can sleep comfortably,  the holidays are set for fun and more fun,  so make sure your hair health is good.          

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