Monday, November 30, 2015


You see these colors everywhere, and the celebrities are wearing the popular color trends  such as
bright blue, pink hair, pumpkin spice to silver gray.   You can get these colors and more for the holidays  without the chemicals and damage to your natural hair.  Here s how you get the popular hair color without the chemicals,  get extensions or a custom wig in your favorite color.  Below is an awesome color for the holidays and similar to the pumpkin spice that's popular now, and for more
information on this custom wig to

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Monday, November 23, 2015


The holidays are closing in and you want to change your looks by getting a new color,  or a new out without damaging your natural hair.   The prefect solution for anyone who wants to change their looks without all the chemicals and cutting of your natural hair needs a custom wig.   You may have never consider a wig or never worn a wig before,  so it's your chance to get everything you want without coloring and cutting your hair.   The wigs today creates a more real appeal,  and you can have it customized to the way you want.  I love wearing wigs so I can go to short to long,  or change my color within minutes.   For a quick look at our custom wig gallery go to   To shop with us visit our store at


Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I hope everyone will have a great and blessed Thanksgiving Day, and be safe.   The world as we know it is very different today.   The troubles throughout the world make us want to give an special
thanks to God for keeping us in a safe place.  My heart goes out to Paris due to the trouble they recently had,  and it could have been us.  Hug the people you love keep them close and enjoy the holiday.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Commerical Wigs v. Custom Wigs You Be The Judge

I love extensions, and wigs.  My mother was a true lover of wigs.   I believe that's probably why I love them as well.  I have worn the lower extensions and wig to the higher extensions and wigs.    I can tell you it is a big different,  because a lot of commercial wigs on the lower side looks fake,  and are usually rather thin in destiny.  Custom wigs are usually full and volumes,  now I am not saying that it's like that for all wigs. The quality of your wig starts with the hair and of course the wig cap make a big statement in custom wigs.  Most custom wig designers try to use a cap that fits small to large heads,  and sometimes that doesn't work.    I had some bad experiences with caps when I first started making wigs,  but as you move on,  things improve.   The key to getting a good wig is to select the quality of hair on the cap,  because if the hair is good,  you will be able to wear the wig for more than 4 weeks.   Spandex wig caps are used popular with ladies making wigs for themselves,  but I would rather make a wig for someone else on a net cap,  to ensue air to their natural hair.  You be the judge commercial or custom.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015


I am so excited about this post,  because it's a requested post. A lot of ladies want to learn about  how to care for wigs.   I want to first start out with the quality of care starts with the quality of the hair.  As you may or may not know,  they are making high quality premium synthetic hair,  that holds heat,  and equal to the premium human hair blend.  I am going to start here,  when caring for synthetic hair,  it's not a lot to do other than wash and condition it,  because it's not going to last long.  The regular synthetic hair is basically just trashed,  most ladies will just purchase more hair.   Synthetic premium heat resistance hair will last you a longer time frame than regular synthetic hair.  The maintenance on synthetic premium  heat resistance  hair is the same as human hair blend.   Wash your hair in lukewarm water,  use mild shampoo,  and you also wash your hair in an up and down motion.   The washing in an up and down motion help prevent tangles.   You will also want to apply a good conditioner,  rinse well,  pat dry with a towel, and let air dry.  When your hair is completely dry,  apply a little oil sheen to freshen the look while styling your hair.  Always follow the instruction you are given,  because when you buy a wig from a wig designers,  they are going to give you the manufactures instruction.  This information refers to human hair,  human hair blend,  and synthetic heat resistance hair.  These types of  hair will last you a long time with the proper care, and they can also take coloring as well as the heat.   A lot of ladies are wearing wigs now to give their natural hair a break,  and to help the natural hair to grow.   A lot of these custom wigs  don't look like wigs, so they are easy to wear with the invisible part.  So buy you a nice fresh wig for the holidays,  there will be a lot of sales out there starting  with us.  For more information on our wigs go to   and to see our full wig collection go to    We are going to start a Red Tag Sale on November 15th.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


This is  my new custom wig that just ooze  the holiday cheer.   I love this color,  the burgundy and dark burgundy just sets the tone.   I just know that Cherry is going to delight someone this holiday.  I am excited about the holidays and helping to bring good cheer.  Visit my store to see what we have and there could be something waiting for you.  To view our whole collection go to

Note:  We have always follow the golden rule about natural hair care.  Check out some of our older blogs to learn about caring for your natural hair.   I love wigs but my natural hair come first,  make your natural hair your priority.