Sunday, February 4, 2018


The hair business is a huge responsibility, and you will need a great love for hair.  When I say great love for hair,  it's for the natural hair as well,  not just to sell someone hair.    When you are in the hair business,  you should learn all you can about the hair business.   This is why stylist have such a huge advantage in selling hair.    Although,  you may not be a stylist,  it would be a big advantage for you to  learn about the natural hair,  and all other different type of hair.   The knowledge of hair will help you to stand out and find your position in the hair business.    You will be able  to aid clients natural hair as you offer extensions and custom wigs.    You are required by law to be a license cosmetologist to open a salon and offer certain hair services,  or you have to hire license cosmetologist to work in your salon.   However,  there are so many other positions you can take in the hair business.   Here  are some of the positions,  wig designers,  extension specialist,  extension and wig seller,  natural hair consultant selling natural hair products.  You don't have to sell hair to be in the hair business.   There are so many ways that you can find your position in the hair business to stand out and make a different.   You need to do some  research and figure out what you want to do,  what inspires you the most,  and go forward.   Remember everyone is good at something, and if you want to be in the hair business,  you have to figure out what that something is.

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